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3 VIDEOS: Wayne & Ryan Bowen: The Fast & The Strong: How it all started

is 61 years old and he is fast, very fast armwrestler. I really believe he is faster than most armwrestlers who are much younger than him (watch the video posted below the story).

was kind enough to tell us the story of how he and his father, Wayne Bowen, started armwrestling. Trust me, this is an interesting story, read it. And don’t forget to watch the videos posted below the story.

” Dad and I have been armwrestling for 3 years now. It all started when I was young. Dad and I made a bet with each other when i was 14 years old. The bet was who would win an armwrestle on my 18th birthday.

Both dad an I grew up being able to beat all the kids at school and have always enjoyed the sport, but never knew it was a pro sport.

I discovered the pro sport in 2013 and since then haven’t looked back and am aggressively pursuing the elite level.

I was a retail supplement store business owner, and I had just discovered the sport of armwrestling. Dad came up with the idea of using armwrestling as a means of attracting customers into the store.

Dad built the table and we came up with an “armwrestling challenge” where we offered customers a 10% discount if they could beat either of us in an armwrestle.

The table formed a centre piece to the store, and was a huge success. I would armwrestle at least 10 guys a day, and it became quite an attraction to the centre. At its peak we hosted approximately 40 people at once all armwrestling in the store and having a great time.

Since then Wayne has gone on to become the official supplier of tables to the Australian Armwrestling Federation: Monzta Products Armwrestling Tables.

Since 2013 both dad and I have gone on to become the number one ranked for our respective categories which resulted in us both representing Australia at the WAC in Malaysia last year, where Dad finished 5th on the left hand and 7th on the right hand in the Senior Grand Masters 90kg class, whilst I finished 18th on right and 23rd on left.

Since then, I have continued armwrestling and travelling with dad. We have both again qualified for Bulgaria, and intend on travelling together to improve on 2015 results.

Now about dad’s speed. He has always naturally been an explosive puller. In my first ever nationals dad actually eliminated me on the left arm. I have since progressed passed him and despite losing the bet back when I was 18, I’m now controlling him nicely. hehe.

Armwrestling with dad, is a true pleasure. Getting to share such a great sport with my dad is something I truly consider a privilege. I love that the sport brings us together and has allowed us to develop a global network of friends. “
Wayne Bowen: 0.08 seconds Flash Pin / 8 Hundredths of a Second Flash Pin
Source: Ryan “Blue” Bowen
Ryan Bowen vs. Brett Coutts, 2016
Source: Ryan “Blue” Bowen
Ryan Bowen vs. Joffey Jolly, Arnolds Classic Asia Pacific -80kg final
Source: Ryan “Blue” Bowen

Wayne Bowen 0.08 seconds, Brett Coutts vs. Ryan Bowen │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
Wayne Bowen 0.08 seconds, Brett Coutts vs. Ryan Bowen │ Capture by XSportNews from the video