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VIDEOS: Andrey Smaev +159,5KG (+352LBS) CHINUP RECORD, The Strongest Man You’ve Never heard of

Andrey Smaev
The first 3 Videos are from Adam Raw channel. Please read the description made by Adam Raw below each video, I believe it’s interesting.
In the 4th video you can watch the story of Andrey Smaev with English subtitles. (SCROLL DOWN)
From 8:52 in that video he said: “I trained for 2-3 hours, I could have done more if I did something like arm wrestling, which I also love.”

The Strongest Man You’ve Never heard of – Andrey Smaev

” Sometimes there are really big talents and truly gifted ones in this world.. than there are really huge talents – exceptions and extreme enthusiasts – hard working for years… than there are legends…big names…and than – there are true “Gods” walking among Men.. Very usually unrecognized and totally unknown.. Let me please introduce one such ANOMALY to you NOW – Mr. Andrey Smaev from Russia.
He doesnt have social media, instagram, facebook, training programs etc. and he doesnt wish any of that. As 13 years old kid he already bench pressed 140kg and he truly lives by training with full fire straight out of his soul! Blessed with beyond exceptional physical strength and beastmode mindset – he is yet one of the most humble and positive people that I know. He never planned to have video like this and he never did this for competition or “beating” others – he just lives that for himself and tries to keep growing and improving every single session – as hard to understand as it is – thats the plain truth. Let him motivate you like he motivated me myself… I am still shocked. Dont forget that no matter how strong you think you are there is always someone stronger out there.. May his fire ignites the best in you all. Eternal respect to you Andrey..”
“Adam Raw”

The God of the Bar – Andrey Smaev (+159,5KG/+352LBS CHINUP RECORD)

” Andrey is unstoppable with his progress. By this video He sends BIG thanks to everyone who supported him by donations. If you want to support and help Andrey by any way than you can donate/sponsor him by paypal to: [email protected] and send your contact as well so We can get you in touch with him so you can confirm that he got your gift. Andrey comes from very poor origins and harsh life situation in Russia so it would really help him and his family alot. He doesnt wish any social media.
In this video NEW STREET WORLD RECORD +159,5 KG chinup.
98kg for 11 reps, 122kg for 6 reps, 144,5kg for 2 reps and one arm muscle up at bw of about 120kg.
Andrey SMAEV – The Strongest chinups training

“Just a random training footage from Andreys training to keep up the ultra motivation. We didnt upload because he became father few months ago! And is quite busy now. But he still keeps training epic hardcore of course! If you want to support and help Andrey by any way than you can donate/sponsor him by paypal to: [email protected] and send your contact as well so We can get you in touch with him so you can confirm that he got your gift. Andrey comes from very poor origins and harsh life situation in Russia so it would really help him and his family alot. He doesnt wish any social media.
ANDREY SMAEV-the biggest/strongest in our game and especially on the BAR both relative and total ratios. I want also answer for good all requests(and even hate)that I keep getting about HOW and WHY me – a founder of Raw workout and athlete who always presents natural and sustainable training(as a lifelong lifestyle) could have heavily promoted and support an enhanced athlete. First of all I always was supporting strong and unique athletes and inviting them to our events (camps, workshops, competitions, jams..) and until now I have really no idea how many of them were natty or not(and I dont care honestly).You Will never know surely anything about anybody today we live in age of social media – soc. success and glory – money and personal fortune can be obtained with good marketing through showing exceptionality and selling something. Most of the “stars” are claiming being natural while in reality most of them are doped. People know about Andrey as enhanced now only because he himself released that information in Russia straight and honestly. He never acted anything on anybody. He is actually quite an impressive example of a man. He became a father few months ago and works rly hard to be a good one. I felt that he is Real not Fake straight since I got in touch with him and first idea was to present him at CWWB(Czech Weighted Workout Battle – European championship in Rawlifting Streetlift) as a guest and to show his unique 150kg chinups. But as CWWB️ 2020 was ruined by coronavirus I decided to at least promote him on my YT and show his incredible results in video. I would never let such Beast stay buried somewhere in Russia unrecognized. Would you? He never wanted any of this he doesnt sell anything online and even has no social media – this all was purely my initiative. I personally respect Real and Good people and for me being honest and not acting natty when your results clearly shows otherwise is more Real than 90% of backtalking fake natties out there Who simply didnt reach top because their genetics doesnt allow and so they keeps hating on the top ones. How much and how quality dope you think you buy in Russia when you feed family and work days/nights for 350 dollars a month? Andrey is closer to natural than most of the common supplements cunts and gym rats. And his incredible genetics (for example only 26cm short forearms) and hard work since 12 years old(he bench pressed 130kg at 13yo while 100% natural) is the factor F… Stay tuned for more. I really believe that he can chinup 170kg one day..”

Source: Adam Raw

Andrey Smaev. What are the Locksmith from Russia capable of? (English Subs)

Source: Motivation it’s me
The video has subtitles, you can enable captions if they are not already enabled. This is the transcript of the video:
” This guy came out of nowhere and became one of the best athletes
of the category streetlighting and powerlifting
Having appeared on the channel of Adam Raw
in a video called “the Strongest man you’ve never heard of”
where in just a week the video with a demonstration of the athlete’s strength results
soared by more than 300 thousand views and at the time of the release of this video
I’m sure, even more.
Pull-UPS with a weight of + 144.5 KG, 200kg bench press for 11 times,
this guy made top athletes in the world nervous about the relevance of their current records
and also left a lot of questions, because the video was without a single word
about who this athlete is, how he managed to achieve such crazy results at 21 years
and most importantly, where was he before and why did we not hear anything about Andrey Smaev?
After all, now everyone who sets records will certainly appear in social networks, and as I said earlier, Andrey just appeared out of nowhere.
Well, thanks to Adam and Tatiana Raw for helping me with this release, I was able to contact Andrey,
and this story, without exaggeration, will be as hot as possible.
So friends, prepare your favorite drink and get ready to get a shock dose of motivation for the next ten minutes. Let’s begin!
So, let’s start with how Andrey was drawn into sports.
It was in high school, a guy named Alexander Yarkhunin was then, according to Andrey’s words, almost like Hercules
such an ectomesomorph, on which the muscles grew well and the guy was shredded
Andrey at that time was struck by the physique of Alexander, who very quickly was able to achieve visible results in body building
at the beginning Andrey wanted only to grow his arms, he didn’t want anything except large biceps,
he couldn’t tolerate pain and sports character worked out not immediately.
They trained in a regular school, along with PT teacher
and by the winter, seeing an example of such strong athletes as Denis Minin, Hannibal, Lord Vital and Adam Raw
because of whom you are watching this video right now
the guy began to train harder and put all out of 100%
after some shot period of time Roma Ryabov and Alexander Maslov are also added to Andrey as a training partners
with whom the boys had a friendly competition
As Andrey admitted to me, they constantly spurred each other to improve each other results,
because someone was constantly pushing ahead, due to which there was white envy,
I mean that on the one hand they were certainly happy with each other’s results,
but at the same time they wanted to overtake each other and do even more
So, as you know, healthy competition is a very important criterion for progress.
Most likely, if the above-mentioned guys did not match their ambitious sports characters,
we would not have seen such records that Andrey is showing us now.
As I mentioned above, the athlete presses 200kg for 11 repetitions,
250 for 2 and 260 for one repetition,
and these results are surprising not only because the guy is young and already at such a high level, even from a world point of view
but also because of the fact that he combines seemingly extremely incompatible things.
powerlifting, street lifting, and even manages to do calisthenics
And although Andrey himself does not assign himself to any of these disciplines
I think you will agree with me, the results are extremely high,
pull-UPS on one hand for 10 on each, pull-UPS in the front lever, a flag and all these with a bodyweight of more than 105kg and a height of 185cm.
When I asked how and why he decided to train calisthenics elements with such weight the guy answered me the following:
“Since elementary school, my eyesight started to fall, I played basketball and went to the art school
From 100% to 9th grade, my vision dropped to -8 -9.
And after a year of powerlifting, when I came to the shell, for example, I simply couldn’t see it
For example, a bench press or horizontal bar you can do even with your eyes closed
but you need to see the dumbbells so that they can be controlled.
Doctors said the surgery should be done after 20. But it dropped to -10.5 and I decided at the age of 18 to go and do this surgery
Friends, just so you understand, this is how the vision of a healthy person looks like
and this is how my wife sees me, who has -2.5
and here is the vision of Andrey Smaev at the moment before the operation.
Of course, as you know, to engage in powerlifting with such vision is quite risky, but let’s return to the dialogue of Andrey
I removed heavy weights, but I wanted to train
So I just went to the horizontal bars 3 times a day
in the morning on breaks and in the evening.
So I spent 3 months and was tired of it, so I started to train calisthenics and over the summer I learned all these elements that I show. ” Andrey says
But where was this athlete all this time, and why did we only learn about him from the video of Adam
does the athlete really have no cups won from championships, records or instagram.
And the answer is no. Vkontakte (Russian Social Media) is enough for a guy to communicate with his friends,
he is not particularly keen on becoming popular or making money from his own experience.
As an athlete admitted to me, to sell all sorts of programs or supplements he has no special desire,
since training programs are more than overestimated when in fact perseverance and training play a much greater role
another thing is that 90% of sports nutrition is nothing more than a marketing play
And from sports nutrition, according to Andrei, only pre-workout complexes of certain firms are works
When I asked what kind of company are you using the athlete said that “mesomorph” is a good company,
which I found on e-katalog’e in the section sports nutrition / pre-workout complexes,
the main thing is to specify that it contains geranium for explosive training.
If we are talking about pump, then these are all complexes that use substances such as citrulline malate or arginine,
in fact, you can open the list of companies yourself and read the compositions
These supplements really help with hard training, but they should not be abused so as not to completely destroy your central nervous system
And in addition to pre-wortkouts, Andrey also noted arginine for the pump,
which really noticeably improves blood circulation.
Everything else, like proteins, creatines and other things, according to Andrey, is a highly overrated supplement,
especially for non-professional athletes.
For this reason, I will leave links to these two additives in the description.
Again – this is not some kind of recommendation, or a call to action, the athlete only shared the experience
that he has and the results that he personally received from the use of certain additives.
As for the results of the athlete, it is rather a combination of fanaticism, genetics, perseverance and focus
After all, as you can see, Andrei is not distracted by the instagram or some other social media, and instead focuses only on hard work.
However, for the sake of truth, I note that all the records that were discussed were reached at different intervals,
in fact, Andrei does not combine these 3 directions and shares the opinion that in order to achieve maximum result you need to be able to focus in something.
However, in the case of Andrew’s story, not only perseverance played an important role,
but also a genetic predisposition to certain movements
Do you remember 300kg deadlift for 4 reps from Adam’s video?
So this result was achieved by the guy in just 4 training sessions
and how do you like this, Elon Musk?
This happened in the hall of the technical school,
where the athlete studied,
he was let in by a guard named Vitaly Nikolaevich, to whom Andrei is still grateful.
According to Andrey, he trained each of the movements until injures and he simply switched exercises.
So, for example, the athlete began to train the bench press after he got a hand injury,
however, he said that the bench press did not cause him any inconvenience or pain, which is why such a huge result was obtained.
And in addition, I note the fact that Andrei is not a pro,
I would even say that today we have checkmate to haters who justify other people’s results with an excess of time or easy work.
So Andrei works as a locksmith in a factory,
he used to work from 8 to 8 and now works from 8 to 8 and then goes into the night session, then the 1st day is rest and the 2nd day off, in general 2 through 2.
To the question how do you find time to train Andrey answered very simply:
I find a window and train, I used to think that the more you do the better,
I went crazy, every day we trained, we did everything we could,
but there was no sense, we stood still, the whole body was in pain.
And now, if in refusal to work out 3 difficult approaches for 3 repetitions, then the ligaments already begin to fail,
and the training will not last long.
Before that I went to the gym in the winter and had to pull up and do the bench press,
I trained for 2-3 hours, I could have done more if I did something like arm wrestling, which I also love.
Now about an hour and half no more.
Of course, in order to be better at something you need to put emphasis, everyone makes his own choice of what to train.
Now I go 1-2 times a week, I try to kill myself for the workout,
so at the end of the workout the ligaments ache very strongly,
to the point where if you straighten your arm, then everything trembles, then you need to rest a lot.
So 2-3 workouts a week are enough for me. Says Andrey.
By the way many of you before I even knew Andrey immediately began to write me in Instagram
with requests to made a video about Andrew,
and from your messages, I heard the question about the bars.
For some reason, many began to wonder how many kg Andrew can press on the bars and will it be comparable with what currently could show Matthew Zlatoverhovnikov (Russian Streetlifter).
I asked this question to Andrey and he told me that bars it not his path, the thing is that when you do bench press,
you understand the entire path of movement, the barbell should be lowered after touching of the Breasts squeeze up,
the bars harder, you need to go down to a 90 degrees angle,
otherwise squeeze itself will be difficult and Andrew can not simply feel this angle.
That’s why he was always at full amplitude and the best result was around 150kg at one rep and 120 at six,
modestly declared to me Andrew.
But without much specialization and focus on this movement it is a very huge result.
Of course Andrew’s bench press is also played a huge role to let him press such a big weights on dips, but nevertheless, the results of this guy just boggles the imagination.
I also want to mention his personal characteristics. I spoke with Adam for about an hour, we were trying to convince Andrey
to make this video because he doesn’t consider his achievements as outstanding.
In fact, we almost forced this guy to talk about himself because his results at least could be an example and motivation
for those who are just starting out and for guys who are already in the top.
In General, I think the main moral of this video is that no matter how strong you are
there are always someone who stronger than you and do not think that nobody in this wold can beat your record.
Friends, for those who are interested to learn more about Andrew
I have prepared for you an interview of an athlete in a text format,
where you can learn more about his life, about his results and other details.
I’ll leave the link in the description.
These interview is really informative
And I also want to say thank you to Adam and Tetiana Raw
for giving me all the information about Andrey and connected me with him in social media
I think that people should know more about such unique athletes
His very friendly as a human and with such a seldom results
To be honest this is very special case in my career as a YouTuber and blogger
So please if u like this video hit the like button
And also don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and press the notification bell
that way we well see each other again
And I’m gonna go home because it’s rainy
Bye guys
@fedorchepkyi – author @esrever_1.161 – video editing”