A1 Russian Open 2014 on “Fighter” TV Channel “Боец”

The popular Russian TV channel “Боец” (translation = “Fighter”) will broadcast a recording of the A1 Russian Open 2014 tournament on 25, 26 October 2014 and on 1, 2 November 2014 at 23:00 – Moscow time. Click to see the official ► teleprogram on boets.ru.
Below there are 2 windows (which I found on internet using Google), they use content delivery system from cdnet.tv. You can use them to watch all the programs from TV channel “Боец”, if you can’t watch on TV “Боец” = “Fighter” TV Channel.
When you will click the play button in the windows below you will receive a message from Adobe Flash Player Settings: ” Peer Assisted Networking clients.cdnet.tv may use peer assisted networking. Do you want to allow access to your upload bandwidth ? “. For more info about this see ► Adobe – Flash Player :  Help – Peer-assisted networking pop-up question
Below the windows I posted a clock with the Moscow time. Below the clock you can read an interview with the story behind this broadcast told by Ilya Paramonov to the Russian Armsport Association (RAA).

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Source: cdnet.tv

Below you can see a clock with Moscow time. The A1 Russian Open 2014 will start on 25, 26 October 2014 and on 1, 2 November 2014 at 23:00 Moscow time:

Krasimir Kostadinov vs. Andrey Barskov - A1 Russian Open 2014 │ Image Source: armsport-rus.ru
Krasimir Kostadinov vs. Andrey Barskov – A1 Russian Open 2014 │ Image Source: armsport-rus.ru

Source: armsport-rus.ru │ Google Translate:

A1 on the TV channel “Fighter”! Interview with Ilia Paramonov

Friends! We remind you that the 25, 26 October and 1.2 in November 2014, at 23.00 Moscow time on the TV channel “Fighter” will be shown the international arm wrestling tournament A1! On the eve of the broadcast, we contacted Ilya Paramonov:

– Ilya, you participated in the scoring record, tell us what are your impressions about the tournament and how scoring happened?
Ilya Paramonov:
– Hello! I was contacted by the editor of TV channel “Fighter”, Vladimir Burahanov and offered voice recording of the tournament. If we talk about the tournament, it should be noted that the organizers can achieve positive dynamics. Comes more stars armsportu, refereeing, location, intensity of the struggle, a full auditorium – all this, in my opinion, makes this tournament the best event in the world armsportu 2014.

If you remember, the shooting occurred as the tournament itself, then I would have stopped on the positive things, and not so. Teams working in the tournament – high-level professionals working in the top tournaments in martial arts. But, unfortunately, the guys do not have enough experience in photography is armsportu. So the first day was a bit crumpled, the camera went to the fight, which has not yet ended, close-up could not give arms athletes, such as the shoulders and head and facial expression only could figure out who won, and these flaws were enough. However, in the process of shooting, I tried to explain to the cameraman and director essence of what they have to convey to the viewer. Outright can be divided into three phases – the installation of capture, the beginning and the end of the fight, and the ending – it’s a foul, or winning or one of their competitors, each of these phases need to shoot in different ways and it is important to convey to the audience exactly what happened at the table – winning or foul. As a result, the second day was much better than the first filmed.

After the completion of the tournament, dozens of hours of footage and gigabytes were processed and turned into a four-hour program, which will be shown on the TV Unit. In these programs, by the way, includes some moments of the tournament, do not fall into the online broadcast. Voice stuff I’m not alone, and paired with a professional television commentator Roman Mazurov. The novel is not only the voice, but not bad already versed in the intricacies of arm wrestling, he is not the first comment on our sport and is a fan of his.

Voice was easy, we have worked out all the parts at once. It was very nice again plunge into the atmosphere of the tournament, which is a real holiday armsportu. I hope that this atmosphere will feel all the spectators who will watch the broadcast on TV Unit.

Source: armsport-rus.ru │ Google Translate

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Click to see ► RESULTS: A1 Russian Open 2014 ◄

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