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A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV 2013 – Very little time left for registration !

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” Very little time left!

Hello dear friends! Indeed, the time for filing an application for the tournament A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV left quite a few! In early March, registration will expire, and only depends on us whether women are weight classes in that I am not afraid of the word, a steep tournament as A1 Russian Open. The organizing committee for the preparation of A1 Russian Open, set a condition – if, before March 1, 2013 on the website PAA will be registered and paid entry fees of participating 24 weight categories of 65 kg and 65 kg – these categories will be included in the tournament A1 Russian Open, ie . in each weight category shall be given not less than 12 participants! Therefore, my dear girl, let us not hesitate to register and start now! To do this, you must apply to the official website of the Russian Association armsportu [email protected], which should include the following information:

  1. Country
  2. Name
  3. Weight category
  4. The best achievements in sport

I also ask you to send the data of the application and to my email [email protected], so I could control the situation with the registration of participants. I note that the entry fee of 1500 rubles. hand, must be paid in advance to confirm that you are sure to come. Information about payment of the participation fees will soon appear on the site PAA

Talk a little about this tournament: A1 Russian Open – the most prestigious and most expensive project in the world arm wrestling, with prize money of $ 113,000 that is based on the concept of world-renowned martial arts contest in K-1, M-1 and motor racing F1. A1 Russian Open combines the best traditions of the global sports and entertainment events. This tournament is held at a very high professional level! In my opinion, it has absorbed all the best! Tournament collects armrestlerov worldwide. At A1 Russian Open played the biggest prize money in women’s and men’s arm wrestling. Full audience, light, music, all created in order to escape from it all and just think about the fight!

The tournament will be held at the modern gym Palace of Sports “Dynamo” in Krylatskoye. The hall is equipped with the latest technology, have the most modern equipment, lighting, sound. There are rooms for directing consoles, television commentator cabins. In general, all the conditions for a world-class event!

So do not let the same to A1 Russian Open passed without our women, beautiful, emotional struggle!


Irina Makeyev

Member of the Organizing Committee for the international tournament “A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV”! ”

Original – armsport-rus.ruGoogle Translate


Irina Makeeva - Member of the Organizing Committee for the international tournament "A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV"
Irina Makeeva – Member of the Organizing Committee for the international tournament “A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV” │ Source:


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