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A new international ranking for armwrestlers – A1!



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Ranking of the best the world has created rukobortsev Dean Faculty of Physical Culture, Belgorod State University, National Research Igor Nikulin.

Table of international ranking points A1

Name of competition 1 place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place 5th place 6th place
World Championship 150 100 70 45 30 20
European Championship 75 50 35 25 15 5
NEMIROFF WORLD CUP, World Grand Prix A1  100 70 50 35 25 10
Russian Championship 50 35 25 15 10 5
Championships countries in the top three in the team standings last World Cup  35  25  15  10  5



  1. Athlete will receive ranking points according to the table, according to the place, which he received at these events.
  2. After each event specified in the table updated rating will be posted on the website PAA.
  3. The rating will be calculated for each hand separately.
  4. Cherez10 kg weight categories: 60,70,80, 90, 100, 110, and 110 men, 60,70,70 + women. In this case, an athlete, take part in competitions in the weight category up to 75 kg. do78 kgbudet or have a rating in the weight category to 80 kg.
  5. Ranking will be calculated for two years from the World Cup in 2011
  6. The results of the open category at the Russian Championships are considered by scores NEMIROFF WORLD CUP and World armwrestling Grand Prix A1 RUSSIAN OPEN RUSARTARHIV.
  7. The results of the open category at NEMIROFF WORLD CUP and the World Grand Prix A1 considered by scores World Cup.

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Details of the event: A1 Russian Open 2013 – World Armwrestling Grand Prix │ 25-28 July 2013

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