A1 on the Red Square ! │ 02 June 2013

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A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV Challenge - Red Square
A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV Challenge – Red Square │ Image Source: armsport-rus.ru
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A1 on the Red Square!

The second consecutive year in the annual Forum TRP on Red Square will be competitions in weightlifting. Said the chief referee of the tournament Ilya Paramonov: “Holding the tournament armsportu in the heart of our country, on the Red Square – a symbol of that for the future of our sport. Every year more and more athletes begin to do this affordable, entertaining and uncompromising sport” .

Also symbolic name of the tournament, the organizers hope that the A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV Challenge will be a real event precedes the main start of the season for all the best armrestlerov world – A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV, which will be held in Moscow on July 25-28 at the Palace of Sports “Dynamo” in the visit? ” .

The tournament will be held at the Red Square in men in the following categories: 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg, the absolute category.

At 17:30 starts weighing tournament beginning at 19:00.

In the tournament will be organized competitions armliftingu for everyone!

The winners and prize-winners will be awarded with diplomas, medals and prizes from tournament organizers and sponsors.

There is no entry fee.

On June 2, Red Square will be A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV Challenge!
A1 Russian Open RUSARTARHIV Challenge  
1. The aim of the competition

1. Popularization armsportu and a healthy lifestyle;

2. Identification of top athletes;

3. Strengthening international sporting ties.

2. The place and date of the event

Competitions armsportu held in Moscow in the framework of the IX Forum TRP on Red Square.

June 2, 2013, the Red Square, the scene.

3. Management of competitions

The general management of the organization and conduct of the competition is the All-Russian public organization “Russian Association armsportu and other combat arms” (hereinafter – the Russian Association armsportu) and the Federation of armsportu Moscow.

Actual administration of the competition rests on the Russian Association armsportu and a panel of judges appointed armsportu Federation in Moscow.

4. Contestants and conditions of the

To participate in competitions men, with the level of training of not less than 3 digits, as well as athletes of the near and far abroad, past committee on the admission of members, weighing, draw.

Competitions are held as personal, just on the right hand.

Entry fee – NO!

Weight categories


70 kg

80 kg

90 kg

100 kg

Absolute category

  5. The competition program

June 2, 2013 – Sunday


Weigh participants




award winners

6. Rewarding

Participants who took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places will be awarded medals, certificates and prizes from tournament sponsors.

7. Financing terms

The Russian Federation and the Association armsportu armsportu Moscow provide equity funding competitions in agreement.

Travel, meals, accommodation and insurance of the competitors at the expense of the sending organizations.


8. Securing  

Competitions are held at the facilities of sports, meeting the requirements of the relevant regulations in force in the territory of the Russian Federation, and to ensure public order and the safety of participants and spectators at a sports facility acts readiness to hold sporting events approved in the prescribed manner.

9. Insurance Members

Participation in the competition is carried out only when there is an agreement (the original) of insurance: accident, life and health (for each competitor) that is provided to the committee on the admission of members. “

Original article – armsport-rus.ru │ Google Translate

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