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” Alexander Filimonov, president of the PAA, the tournament A1

On the eve of the biggest tournament of the year on armsportu World Armwrestling Grand Prix A1 RUSSIAN OPEN RUSARTARHIV we decided to interview the chairman of the organizing committee of the tournament, PAA President Alexander A. Filimonov.

IRON WORLD: Alexander, tell us what we expect major changes compared to last year’s tournament?
Alexander Filimonov: First, it is a place of the tournament – a super-modern sports complex “Dynamo” in Krylatsky. Only in 2010, at the European Championships arm wrestlers had the opportunity to compete in such circumstances.
In the “Dynamo” we fell in love at first sight: a very cozy, comfortable and cozy room just for our sport. This year we attracted to process events company that worked at the Universiade in Kazan and works in Sochi. It will be a new level of competition in armsportu.

JM: At the Nemiroff breaks in play live rock musicians, and music on the A1 will support?
AF: Background music is now available on all important tournaments in MMA, boxing or kickboxing. But there is a caveat – the copyright. So just run the soundtrack from “Rocky” to exit the athlete to fight anymore. Therefore, the A1 will work “live” together with guitarist DJ.

JM: From the list, geography tournament expanded significantly.
AF: expanded, but not as much as we would like. Indians and Romanians were unable to send a well-formed documents to obtain a visa and is not likely to come. Americans are once again hiding. But for them to create exceptional conditions, we do not plan to. They want to – come.

JM: Can take part in the tournament athletes disqualified for using doping substances?
AF: Of course not, it is common practice in all sports. But the absence of disqualified athletes virtually no impact on the level of competition. Instead Lilieva on A1 will fight Krasimir Kostadinov (Bulgaria), who won twice Arsene streak at the World Cup in Brazil and the European Championships in Lithuania!
Instead of going Babaeva Prudnyk Eugene, who defeated Rustam Babaev at the European Championships in Lithuania. Added other very strong arm wrestlers.

JM: Who would you recommend to pay attention to this tournament?
AF: Personally, I will be interested to see how the fight Spartacus Zoloyev, in the championship of Russia this year, he was out of the competition, as he spoke after a long break. Spartacus has a huge and untapped potential. I am confident that the A1 he will fight for medals not only in its category, but also in absolyutke. It is interesting to look at and Trubina Prudniki. Frankly, the list of participants as well-known names that is difficult to single out any separately.

JM: What are the top three winners absolyutki.
AF: The top three – hard. Chicken and Pushkar and more may be possible. Kostadinov, brothers Zoloeva, Zhoh, Usmanov, TRUBIN, Tsoriev, etc. – any of them can get up to third place.

JM: How many judges will serve the tournament?
AF: 12 core, including the most authoritative – George Lobanov (Ukraine) and David Shida (England). Only about 30 people will organize quality equitable refereeing in this important event. Given that the Chief Justice will be the referee master Andrei Mosolov, and the secretary – Olesya Romanenko, there is no doubt in the success of the tournament.

JM: Live A1 – where and when?
AF: The official website of PAA – 26 and 27 July from 12:00 to 20:00 in two streams – in HD and in its original format.
On the TV channel “Fighter” can be seen A1 a week after the events in redacted form.

JM: Who will be the lead guest and who is planning to attend the tournament?
AF: Sergey Badyuk, like last year, will lead the tournament with me.
The opening ceremony was just attend a State Duma deputy, honored master of sport of arm wrestling Vladimir Krupennikov.
Invitations were given to many famous people who come – we’ll see.
The main thing that will come to many of our close friends from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland and other countries. We are doing this tournament for ourselves, for our large multi-ethnic family.
We look forward to seeing our loved ones, almost native people: athletes, coaches, judges.
We strive to make the A1 a holiday that offers, as the New Year.
But without the ideological inspirer and founder of A1 – Nicholas Mishta – to do so would be impossible. Nicholas is involved in all the preparatory meetings for the tournament and pays attention to every detail, but little things in this great project no.

JM: Tickets for the tournament will be available in the “Dynamo”?
AF: It is possible, as we plan to give to the Credentials Committee July 25 piece free tickets to sports veterans, the disabled, athletes, tournament participants A1 on Red Square.
The remaining tickets will go to fund the Sports Palace, they will be available as 26 and 27 July.

JM: Thank you for the interview and wish you a honorary title “Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation”!
AF: Thank you very much an “iron PEACE” for their constant help and support of our beloved sport.

The attention of all the judges of Moscow! On Friday, July 26, at 9:00 in the Krylatskoye in DC “Dinamo”, will referee seminar, trainers – D. latum and Lobanov. Past seminar will be allowed to officiate at international tournaments. ”

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 is the President of the and he is also the Vice President of the European Armwrestling Federation (EAF).

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