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Khadzimurat Zoloev and Spartak Zoloev before the A1 Russian Open 2013 │by

Khadzimurat Zoloev, Spartak Zoloev (Zoloev brothers) at  Russian Armwrestling Championship 2013
, Spartak Zoloev (Zoloev brothers) at the Russian Armwrestling Championship 2013│ Photo Source:

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Khadzhimurat Zoloyev: “We do not go to play with my brother ‘

Khadzhimurat Zoloyev, multiple champion of Russia, Europe and the World Armwrestling shared with “IRON WORLD” the plans and described the training Spartacus Zoloeva, his brother, before the tournament A1, which will be held from July 25 to 27 in Moscow.

Khadzhimurat Zoloyev: “We are preparing hard, twice a day, three times a week – it armsport twice a week doing GPP. It is good that we can work and sparred together now, before I have a sparring partner had problems. I train myself a bit in the power saving mode, because the ligament ache a bit, but the brother plowing in full, and I load it thoroughly. I want to get him the professional level, because I see and even more than that – I know what he’s capable of. It needs to drive, and that he’s a bit lazy and our sport is not serious. Most of all he loves weightlifting and boxing. For example, I ship it ligaments in training, and in the evening he can go to the section box and leave your hands on the feet, and, of course, on the second day of his hands start to hurt. Have myself to fight his morals and character.

About A1 I can say that this tournament – one of the biggest starts of the season, not only for me.Many athletes preparing for these competitions more seriously than in the European or world championships. I think that this year will be harder to fight than in the past. Although some and was disqualified, it is not a reason to relax. So that’s why we are working are working with his brother. I will not make plans with places or talk about training, the only thing I will say this: we get there not to lose!

Author: Julia Khozyainova

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