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Denis Cyplenkov - running - training
Denis Cyplenkov – running – training │ Image Source: Denis Tsyplenkov

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Denis Tsyplenkov: “I think it will be difficult not only to the Gun”

Just a few hours left before the start of armsportivnogo megashow – the most big-tournament of the year – A1 Russian Open, which will be held in Moscow on 26 and 27 July. Many experts believe the clear favorite on both the left and on the right hand of the absolute winner of last year – Russian Denis armsportsmena Tsyplenkova. That’s it, we decided to take the hottest interview before this battle of the best arm wrestlers.

IRON WORLD: Denis, before the start of the A1-2013 is nearly here.How was the year in preparation for the tournament?
Denis Tsyplenkov: Not a whole year. At first, I was getting ready for the championship of Russia, and then continued to prepare for A1.

JM: Does the training program to the A1? Preparing specifically for certain athletes?
D. C.: training program did not change, do your favorite exercise. To be honest, anyone not specifically prepared.

JM: When surrounding await a better result, it is an additional responsibility.Worried before the show?
D. C.: Always worried, because anything can happen. Most worried about the draw. Hopefully, it will be proper to determine the strongest, but not determine the lucky winner.

JM: Everyone is waiting for the match Tsyplenkov – Pushkar, assuming you are the main contenders for victory in the overall category.What do you think about this?
D. C.: Andrey Pushkar – this is serious, but should guard against any opponent and should not be underestimated! I think it will be difficult not only with guns.

JM: A few words to your fans?
D. C.: Thank you very much for your support! Grateful to the fans for what has always kept on their toes and do not give to relax! 🙂 Immediately after the tournament, food to his home in Krivoy Rog, to mom and dad, my main support group!

Those who want to cheer for Dennis can do it on 26 and 27 July at the official website of the PAA ( ) From 12:00 to 20:00 in the two streams of HD and regular format.

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I believe “The Gun” from Google Translate it refers to Andrey Pushkar.
Denis Cyplenkov holds in the right hand one of his medals from A1 Russian Open 2012
Denis Cyplenkov holds in the right hand one of his medals from A1 Russian Open 2012 │ Photo Source: Elena Safonova 

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