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Denis Cyplenkov wins the Absolute Open Championship of Russia 2013 │Results

Denis Cyplenkov - Trec Nutrition
Denis Cyplenkov – Trec Nutrition │ Image Source: Trec Nutrition
Trec Nutrition (25 February 2013): ” Denis started testing products Trec Nutrition and soon we will know his opinion. “

( is not associated in any way with Trec Nutrition)

Results│ Absolute Open Championship of Russia 2013 │Results

 It was only for the right hand, and took place at the end of the

 Ramenskoye, Moscow Region, 6 March 2013









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Last year, the victory was “in the hands” Arsene Lilieva this year Denis easily won arsenal.

JM-You as always arrived at the most “vusnenkoe” without fighting in the category you only came to fight in the open category.

Denis chicken I have the right to choose. I am more interested in the professional fight, I want to pay off the cost of training. For the season I put myself to the priorities of the tournaments and “absolyutka” Russian Championship included in the list of tournaments.

MJ-what other tournaments this year, you just visiting?

Be sure to take part in the A1, which will be held in Moscow in July. And so far, I think everything. These tournaments for the season is enough.

Congratulations to Denis with another victory, and always will be following his progress in the future.

place in the open category as follows
2. Arsene Liliev
3. Andrey Pushkar
4. Alex Semerenko
5. Ivan Matyushenko
6. Alexander Gusov
7. Gadzhimurat Lobster
8. Roman Filippov ”

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