Arsen Liliev vs. Terence Opperman │2013, South Africa

After the Terence Opperman vs. Michael Todd – South Africa │CANCELLED, now it seems that Arsen Liliev will take Michael Todd’s place:

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Terence Opperman said the refusal of Michael “Iron World”:

“Michael refers to the injury and felt that my level of training is high enough, it can cause even more damage to his hands. But after the failure of Michael, we decided we needed to justify the hopes and expectations of the match – we are changing the opponent. Now it will be Arsen Liliev. We made him an offer he accepted, and is now negotiating conditions and the date. ”

So, we can not change the wording: the best in South Africa – Terence Opperman against the best in the world – Arsene Lilieva.

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Arsen Liliev - Terence Opperman  -  Armfight #41
Arsen Liliev – Terence Opperman –  Armfight #41 │Photo Source: Armpower.NET – ARMFIGHT #41 – ELIMINATIONS
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At Armfight #41 the score was Arsen Liliev 4 : 2 Terence Opperman. See all the results on Armpower.NET – ARMFIGHT #41 – RESULTS


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