Terence Opperman vs. Michael Todd – South Africa │CANCELLED

‎Terence Opperman vs Michael Todd - South Africa │ 11 May 2013
‎Terence Opperman vs Michael Todd – South Africa │ CANCELLED

Reinhardt Swanepoel – commented yesterday (25.04.2013) at the article Terence Opperman vs Michael Todd – South Africa │ 11 May 2013:

” Michael Todd has cancelled his match against Terrence Opperman yesterday 24/04/2013. “

Source: Reinhardt Swanepoel – comment from the article Terence Opperman vs Michael Todd – South Africa │ 11 May 2013


Sorry for the 1 day delay in announcing this, but just few minutes ago I saw the comment. Many thanks to Reinhardt for the comment. 


Michael Todd ► Terence Opperman (April 24 at 2:50pm)

” Unfortunately, I had to back out of my trip to South Africa! I want to personally apologize for disappointing all who are involved with the preparation of this match as well as the people who where looking forward to seeing this match! Hopefully in the future there will be another opportunity for me to visit your beautiful country!

My sincere apologizes,
Monster Michael Todd “

Terence Opperman No Problem Sir i understand and would have done the same i was in your position…Good luck with that upcoming matches… maybe we can see you sooner than we think in South Africa…

Reinhardt Swanepoel Dear Sir…. this is very unfortunate ……. to cancell this super match two weeks before the event. with all respect but please keep in mind that all arrangements to advertising, TV coverage, accomodation, drivers, tables…… and monies lost to these mentioned actions….. the worst part is the disapointment of this event not taking place not the monies lost…… we in South Africa do this for the sport and no for the money……. its very sad and believe me lots of armrestlers is feeling the same way… for us this should have been the second bigest event in our country……. the best was when John Brezenk vs Terrence Terence Opperman…

Michael Todd Believe me I went back & fourth about wether or not I should attend the match. I have never backed out of a match that I had committed to, but in this case I felt that it was the best thing 4 me 2 do! I apologize 2 all who r involved!

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