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Devon Larratt about Engin Terzi, Engin about John Brzenk

Devon Larratt about Engin Terzi │ Image Source: Oğuz Yapakçı ► Armwrestling John - Engin
Devon Larratt about Engin Terzi │ Image Source: Oğuz Yapakçı ► Armwrestling John – Engin

Devon Larratt: “In my opinion no human on the planet knows more about armwrestling than Engin Terzi. He is the one man whose opinions you should hold over all others”.

From what I remember, this is an older quote from Devon Larratt, but the comments are new:

Besmir Elezi i agree but, what about J.Brzenk i think he knows a lot of armwrestling techniques more than all armwrestlers in history…

Trần Duy Khánh Well, Besmir Elezi, I often hear the phrase “John Brzenk IS Armwrestling”. So I guess it can be interpreted as “…no human on the planet knows more about John Brzenk than Engin Terzi”

Besmir Elezi i dont know but I think engin can tell : “brzenk is GOD of armresling”

Engin Terzi no one at the table knows more than John knows.. I believe here Devon meant the overall knowledge (of table training, assistant trainings, results, analysing of the matches etc).. John, Gashevski, Janis,Osetians, Devon and a few others can be mentioned as the most knowledgable pullers.. having extraordinary abilities to be succesful in our sport and being knowledgable enough to help others to become champions ,are two different things.i know enough to win bunch of worlds & europeans and to train more than 10 people who became World & European Champions..i would challenge anyone about the assistant training methods and their correct applications..John has also told me that i am more knowledgable than him but he probably didnt mean the technical knowledge at the table..he is the best by far when its about the table which is the most important thing..we,the rest of us, need assistant trainings because we are not as good as him to get what we need from the table alone..i personally believe that i could have gotten all i need from the table time alone but only if i was as genetically gifted as John, but i am not since i was losing against the girls even when i was a 16 years old young me, you can teach someone only as much as he-she can understand and after a point its all about each individual’s own intelligence, hard work and one is knowledgable enough to create miracles with someone who doesnt have the mental and physical potential to become succesful..

Engin Terzi no Besmir, i wouldnt call anyone god except the ONE who created me..but yes,John = Armwrestling !

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