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INTERVIEW: Dave Chaffee about Top 16 and Game of Arms │ by Iza Małkowska

Dave Chaffee with his son │ Photo Source: Heather Chaffee
Dave Chaffee with his son (28 November 2013) │ Photo Source: Heather Chaffee

What do you expect from entering the TOP 16?

I expect to come in as prepared as I possibly can be. I expect there will be a lot of surprises and upsets that nobody thought would happen. I expect the event to be the most incredible event ever assembled! Igor’s events are second to none!

Is entering the TOP 16 distinguishing to you? A chance to advance in the world of armwrestling?

Absolutely it is! If I win and keep my elbows on the pad this time against Denis, than I will become the number one in the world! That is my main focus! But there are so many other competitors that are involved, that can not be taken lightly. It wont be an easy road to Victory.

If not TOP 16, then what?

For me , I am involved in the Game of Arms, a reality TV show that is filming now and will be airing on the AMC network in February. It’s a show about the lives of the members of 5 arm wrestling teams competing to be the best. Very exciting to be a part of this.

Is TOP 16 going to witness the great return of A.Voyevoda? Do you think he’ll manage to stand up to the top armwrestlers?

Alexey Voevoda was awesome! I hope to pull him as well. Do I think he can compete with the best today? Not until he starts eating meat again!

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