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Devon Larratt – the No. 1 ranked armwrestler in the world, with BOTH arms!


This article was written by Charlie Minell from World of Armwrestling on 29 June 2012. In 2013 Devon Larratt had surgery at the right elbow and because he didn’t compete for more than 1 year with the right arm, he was removed from the rankings in 2013-2014. Now he is back in the rankings, see the updated rankings (2017) ► WORLD ARMWRESTLING RANKINGS by Experts

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Devon Larratt - Andrey Pushkar left hand
Devon Larratt vs. Andrey Pushkar at Armfight #42 in Vegas, 28th of June.
Well, now it’s a fact that Devon Larratt can call himself the No. 1 ranked armwrestler in the world – with BOTH arms (according to Engin Terzi’s World rankings), and this after his victory against Andrey Pushkar yesterday at Armfight #42 in Las Vegas.The current heavyweight rankings:

Men left +100 kg:

1. Devon Larratt, CAN
2. Andrey Pushkar, UKR
3. Denis Cyplenkov, RUS
4. Genadi Kvikvinia, GEO
5. Wagner Bortolato, BRA

Men right +100 kg:

1. Devon Larratt, CAN
2. Denis Cyplenkov, RUS
3. Michael Todd, USA
4. Andrey Pushkar, UKR
5. Tim Bresnan, USA
6. Gadzimurat Omarov, RUS
7. Genadi Kvikvinia, GEO
8. Ferit Osmanli, TUR
9. Artem Grishin, RUS
10. Sergey Tokarev, UKR

So… what can be said about Devon’s performance with left arm? Is it surprising? Yes. Is it impressive? Yes. Is it unique? Yes. Is it even something that can be considered legendary? Well … soon enough it will! This will of course never be forgotten as long as armwrestlers walk this earth.. Devon is the only one, at least for a very long time who has been considered (by most people) to be the best armwrestler in the world with both arms at the same time.

If I’m allowed to speculate a bit here I’d say it could have been possible that an armwrestler was the best with both arms before at some point in the armwrestling history. For example, could anyone beat Richard Lupkes with left arm in the end of the 80’s?? I’d say probably not, but that is what it is – speculations.. and at that time there was no such thing as a serious world ranking. Devon has just PROVED that he should be on top of the left arm ranking, and even though all armwrestlers don’t agree that he should be the No.1 ranked armwrestler with right arm, I think at least we can say that most armwrestlers in the world would agree that he does deserve the No.1 spot in the ranking with right arm as well, and that makes Devon unique as an athlete in the sport of armwrestling.

He has done something that nobody else has in the sport, and it takes a special individual to achieve something of that magnitude. How was this possible?

Maybe Ian “The Grippler” Carnegie gave us the answer yesterday on Facebook?

“I just want to say that DEVON LARRATT isn’t just the #1 Right and Left handed armwrestler in the world he is the allround best athlete of all time. END OF. There isn’t anything this man cannot do, Maybe he can’t hit a Baseball at 100 mph but he can Dunk a basketball like its a nerf hoop. He can swim like a fish. He can run like the wind. He will beat you at chess ”unless your Hugh Brodie”
Devon is simply AWESOME personified!!!”

Huge congratulations Devon! You’re the man and truly deserve your placings!

Arsen… you’re next!
Click here to visit Engin’s World rankings…2012-06-29 Charlie

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See all the articles about ► Devon Larratt ◄

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