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Devon Larratt’s answer to why he refused to fight Denis Cyplenkov

Devon Larratt - Freedom Armwrestling
Devon Larratt – Freedom Armwrestling

After I made this article POLL: Why Devon Larratt refused to fight Denis Cyplenkov, Devon was kind enough to answer in the comment section from that article. I updated that article with his comment, but I also had to make a new article, because many people usually don’t revisit the same article.

Devon Larratt: ” Let me tell you.. I love armwrestling.. I stated I want to pull Denis. This is true. I did call him out, also true, but nothing new. I will tell u I have received several offers to pull Denis, yes – pal made me a very nice offer, which yes I did refuse. Believe me when I tell you there are much bigger things coming for the sport of armwrestling. I am now 42 years old.. I am not just a competitor anymore.. I have been involved with every major organization that has come through the sport in my 25 years in the sport. I have seen so many great ideas. I am working hard to put them all together..for all of us. Believe me when I tell you this match will happen. Believe me when I tell you it will happen when I have accomplished what I am trying to achieve. Have faith brother and sister athletes that our sport will continue to grow.. I will pull Denis in the right way so that it does the most it can. There is another level of connection approaching in our sport. ”