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POLL: Why Devon Larratt refused to fight Denis Cyplenkov

Devon Larratt vs. Denis Cyplenkov 50000 $
Devon Larratt vs. Denis Cyplenkov 50000 $

UPDATE: Devon Larratt’s answer from the comment section: ” Let me tell you.. I love armwrestling.. I stated I want to pull Denis. This is true. I did call him out, also true, but nothing new. I will tell u I have received several offers to pull Denis, yes – pal made me a very nice offer, which yes I did refuse. Believe me when I tell you there are much bigger things coming for the sport of armwrestling. I am now 42 years old.. I am not just a competitor anymore.. I have been involved with every major organization that has come through the sport in my 25 years in the sport. I have seen so many great ideas. I am working hard to put them all together..for all of us. Believe me when I tell you this match will happen. Believe me when I tell you it will happen when I have accomplished what I am trying to achieve. Have faith brother and sister athletes that our sport will continue to grow.. I will pull Denis in the right way so that it does the most it can. There is another level of connection approaching in our sport. ”


I like Devon Larratt, he proved that he is not interested only in the money when he is very sure of his victory (See ► VIDEOS: Devon Larratt vs. Big Frank Budelewski 2017).

What I don’t like is when Devon is provoking Denis Cyplenkov like: let’s do this, I really want this to happen, and later he refuses the match because he didn’t agree with the money offered.

If what Igor Mazurenko wrote one week ago is true, Denis was satisfied with the amount offered, but if Mazurenko paid Devon Larratt as much as he wanted, it would have been half of the total budget for awards. If this is not the truth, Devon Larratt has a different story, I will update this article with his side of the story.

In the INTERVIEW: Devon Larratt about Denis Cyplenkov, July 2017, at 25:49, Devon Larratt said that they made some offers in 2013 to Denis Cyplenkov for $50000, $10000 and that it was good enough financial incentive. What Devon forgot to mention in that interview was that the $50,000 offer was actually a wager / a bet.

It wasn’t a normal offer, Denis or any other opponent would have had to WAGER the $50,000 as well… I know this for sure because I made this article back then: Devon Larratt vs. X – 50 000 USD – World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships │24 August 2013, Las Vegas.

And even more important, the 50000 $ for the wager was offered by Marvin Alex Cohen on Devon side. Let’s just say that this guy Marvin Alex Cohen is very much “loved” by the entire armwrestling community now because of this UPDATED: World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships IS CANCELLED !

Devon Larratt also didn’t mention in that interview that he publicly apologized to Denis Cyplenkov on 21 August 2013, after he found out that the 50,000 $ wager / bet was actually a scam from Marvin Alex Cohen.

Devon Larratt – 21 August 2013: ” It looks as though the Vegas event is falling through. I wanted to publicly apologize to anyone who considered taking me up on the wager, especially Denis Cyplenkov who i made proposals to directly. Under the current light i would have to believe that this match also would never have happened. It was never my intention to be involved in anything shady, or to hurt Denis or anyone who would have taken the challenge . I was naive to believes the claims that were made to me, when all the warning signs were there. Many reputable people spoke up early, and i continued to promote the validity of the event by publicly issuing the challenges that came my way. For this i am sorry.I have purchased a non – refundable ticket to Vegas. Sooo i am there anyways. UAL – you guys are awesome. I have seen what you do with 3 days notice before, and if anything is goin down i will be there.. otherwise i will armwrestle for hot dogs and mustard on the strip.. “

Like I said before, I like Devon Larratt and maybe I would do the same as him If I were in his shoes, but sometimes I have the feeling that he is trying to manipulate the public opinion, he has a way of deforming the truth to his advantage.