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UPDATED: World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships IS CANCELLED !

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World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships – logo


Allen Fisher posted on facebook very worrying messages from :

Allen Fisher – facebook (21 August 2013):

” Very Important Update on the Vegas event this weekend.
There is a good chance the Vegas event may not happen. The person behind funding the entire tournament may have backed out. I’ll keep you posted, as soon as I hear something.
Marvin. “

Allen Fisher – facebook (21 August 2013):

” World Bar Arm Wrestling – Investor Issues please standby
Marvin “


Marcin Mielniczuk – northeastboard:

” Igor Mazurenko and Andrey Pushkar are in plane now – flying to Vegas. Should I call pilot to go back? :/ “


  may organize an armwrestling event instead.

Robert Drenk – northeastboard:

” I’m not sure if I can pull it off with 3 days notice but with enough support I’d consider trying… How many people will be in Vegas? If I get enough people guaranteeing they will be there I will put an event on! Bill and I feel bad for all of those that spent money to be there. I’d try to make the event happen at MGM Grand.

Feedback needed fast! “

Ultimate Armwrestling League – facebook:

” Who would show up to Vegas if we were to put an event on aug 24th at MGM Grand, keep in mind it will be a last minute deal for UAL so not sure how pretty it will be… Prize money would be minor but for those of you that spent your hard earned money would have an event to pull at! Feedback quickly please “


Allen Fisher – northeastboard:

” As of 11am the event has not been cancelled. I was told to give that message out of FB and the MB, so people coming from outside the Country could choose whether they come to Vegas or not. I was up until 1:30am, trying to contact who I could.
Robert Drenk & The UAL are trying to figure something out. I hope for the sake of all of us who have put out our hard earned $ and loss time from work and any other commitments someone happens to save this disaster.
Is Marvin the Only one to blame, since the whole story is not know, I wouldn’t say that.
Any News I get will be here and FB. “

Devon Larratt – facebook:

” It looks as though the Vegas event is falling through. I wanted to publicly apologize to anyone who considered taking me up on the wager, especially Denis Cyplenkov who i made proposals to directly. Under the current light i would have to believe that this match also would never have happened. It was never my intention to be involved in anything shady, or to hurt Denis or anyone who would have taken the challenge . I was naive to believes the claims that were made to me, when all the warning signs were there. Many reputable people spoke up early, and i continued to promote the validity of the event by publicly issuing the challenges that came my way. For this i am sorry.

I have purchased a non – refundable ticket to Vegas. Sooo i am there anyways. UAL – you guys are awesome. I have seen what you do with 3 days notice before, and if anything is goin down i will be there.. otherwise i will armwrestle for hot dogs and mustard on the strip.. “


Allen D Fisher – facebook:

” Announcement:

World Bar Armwrestling is No LONGER producing and airing the event scheduled for this Saturday, August 24, 2013. This is an unfortunate situation and we understand the needs and concerns of our Armwrestling family. World Bar will be attempting to cover commitments that have been made. In light of these circumstances, the show must go on!! Over the last 5 hours we have been working on what’s best for The Pullers that have trained and spent money traveling for this event.

SO HERE’S THE DEAL: The UAL is now holding UAL IV on Saturday, August 24, 2013. The host site is being determined as we speak and more updates will follow shortly on

For more info please go to for details. Please get the word out!

Thank you,

Allen Fisher “

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