UAL - World Title Belts │ Photo Source: Bill Collins
UAL – World Title Belts │ Photo Source: Bill Collins

Ultimate Armwrestling League:

” The UAL is excited to announce UAL IV this Saturday Aug 24th in Las Vegas NV at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. In light of everything that has happened with another organization we have decided to hold an event last minute for those of you that traveled and spent your hard earned money to compete in this Sport! We understand there is a lot of confusion that is out there but rest assure UAL will hold an event. We are not at liberty to speak on behalf of the other organization all we know is they have cancelled an event that was scheduled to take place at Stoney’s Rockin Country on the same date. We have spoken to Stoney himself and he wishes all Armwrestlers nothing but the best . There will be no PPV with the UAL, however our in-house production team will be onsite filming promo videos for future events. We are looking at a couple of Ultimate Match Up’s and possibly a live stream of the event for those of you at home.

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Aug 24th Sat 2013 – UAL IV

## Click here for the free “Live” streaming link to UAL IV

Streaming Live feed will begin at 11:00am Aug 24th

  • Open Class Tournament Men’s Right Arm & Left Arm / 4 weight classes each
  • Ladies Open Tournament 2 weight classes
  • entry fee per arm is $50

The pre-party / early weigh-ins and pre-registration will start at 6pm friday night in the Grand Ballroom Suite 121 and close at 10:00pm sharp, we will have a professional photographer onsite to take pictures of you for future promotions. Please have your drivers license and or passport on hand, if you have your SS card that would be great. Sat morning at 7am registration will open, you can also take photos at that time as well. Registration will close at 9:00am and the main event will start at 11:00am in the same Grand Ballroom 121

Weight Classes have been changed for this 1-time event as athletes have cut to specific weights due to a prior engagement / event:
Men’s Right & Left Arm 4-weight classes
  • Light Weight 0 – 165
  • Middle Weight 166 – 190
  • Heavy Weight 191 – 220
  • Super Heavy Weight 221 – over
Ladies will have 2 Weight Classes
  • Light Weight 0 – 140
  • Middle Weight 141 – up


Men’s Open Class Right Arm
  • 1st place – $500
  • 2nd place – $300
  • 3rd place – $200
Men’s Open Class Left Arm
  • 1st place – $300
  • 2nd place – $200
  • 3rd place – $100
Ladies’s Open Class Right Arm both classes
  • 1st place – $200
  • 2nd place – $100
  • 3rd place – $50

Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

” Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio tonight at 9 pm EST. My very special guest will be Robert Drenk from the UAL he will be joining me to talk about the event he’s putting together for this Saturday Aug 24 in Vegas… The UAL VEGAS EVENT tune in tonight you are not going to want to miss this one.
Sponsors “

Source: Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

John R Brzenk ► Devon Larratt: ” I’m still going to be there with a few Team Utah members ! I’ll wrestle you for a Hotdog with mustard !!!

Maybe Drenk can set up an Overall for a years supply ! “

John R Brzenk ► Armwrestling John – Engin: ” I really hope they decide on a Overall round. …I’m pulling 220 class ….but i would love to test the arm on ALL the superheavyweights this weekend !!!

I was asked … I said Yes, no brainer proposal for me ! I’m getting better … I was planning in pulling 220 … But under the new conditions and lack of big money incentive i would love to see where I’m at and where Devon is at !!! Friendly challenge … Better take your chance while I’m still weak Devon 🙂 no pressure 🙂

I’ll even go best of 10 🙂

And of course a side bet of hotdogs ! A full package ! “

Devon Larratt ► Armwrestling John – Engin: ” i will 100% pull you l3fty, but my right is not quit3 r3ady for comp3tition… John, i would lov3 to do th3 right hand3d r3match with you, i think w3 should wait anoth3r f3w months.. i am v3ry clos3 to b3ing comp3tition r3ady, and wh3n that tim3 com3s w3 will pull.. untill th3n, i hav3 don3 too much r3hab to throw away.. as i am sur3 you kn3w, i had no int3ntion of pulling right hand3d in v3gas. if you want to do th3 match, w3 will organiz3 it this w33k3nd through th3 ual. s33 ya soon, w3 will discuss ov3r hot dogs. “

John R Brzenk ► Armwrestling John – Engin: ” no worries Devon .. Just thought it would be a good easy time to test it out .. If your three months away from being 100 percent I’m sure you wouldn’t have any problem with me … I’m still very slow going .. I might just decide to play poker instead ! Your really ready to Risk that left title against me ??? 🙂 pretty courageous of you 🙂

No I didn’t know you weren’t pulling. Right handed ! Robert asked me based on the hotdog comment ! “

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