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Marvin Alex Cohen
Marvin Alex Cohen │ Photo Source: Armpower.NET

Marvin Alex Cohen: Joe Hand Promotions PPV Department of UFC approached me regarding armwrestling events as they realized no US promoter had TV or real prize money. They look at pullers as true athletes who deserve respect through TV and big prize money. Their final objective is to have a one million dollar Super Match with invited competitors from around the world. The target date is late summer 2014.

Marvin Alex Cohen: The main prizes at the Championships include a brand new truck worth 46 thousand dollars, 20 thousand dollars for first place heavy weight, 50 thousand – Super Match. The winner of August heavy weight class and winner of Michael/Travis will meet at a next event after August. The prize will amount to 100 thousand dollars. 

Marvin Alex Cohen: Our team respects and honors A1. As well as what Igor Mazurenko has accomplished. Therefore all winners of A1 and Igor’s events (NEMIROFF WORLD CUP) will be given FREE hotel rooms in Las Vegas August 22-23 and 24. Let me know who they will be. Any problems with visas, contact me! All sponsorship clothing will be permitted. Pay per view will be telecast in Russia and the United Kingdom. We will inform you as we add countries. What’s also important is that there will be very few rules on August 24. Joe Hand Promotions and I want no one to foul out.

I’ve underlined just some important new info but there is more, read the entire interview about Marvin Cohen and his love for armwrestling on Armpower.NET: ARMWRESTLING ICON IS BACK?


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