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Game of Arms: Arm Yourself App │ Comments after the first episode

Game of Arms - ARM YOURSELF
Game of Arms – ARM YOURSELF

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Go read the comments on the official Game of Arms – facebook page and on the AMC TV blog.

Below you can read some comments from 2 other sources (click the red links if you want to go to the source):

Comments from Armwrestling John – Engin:

Colin Beachey: ” I just watched the first show and I think that it sucks!! Stupid way to portray the sport, over dramatized and sorry Kenny needs a twelve step program. Where is the country’s best like john brzenk, Cory Miller, Jeff hale, Todd Hutchins, micheal Todd? Thank god that there is chaffe, bagent ,Rhodes and Luke kindt. No canadian teams? Wtf. The riffing is fucking terrible, nothing but shot calls and elbows floating everywhere!lol. At least the Europeans treat it like a serious sport and don’t portray it like an illegal dog fight in some abandoned warehouse with idiotic antics. Beer slinging fucken slobs half drunk, this sport will never crawl out of the gutter in this country will it? ”

Sarah Bäckman: ” I’m SOOOOOOO happy armwrestling gets attention on such prime time !!!!!! But I kinda agree with Colin, i wanted it to be shown as more serious and as a professional sport, which it is!! at least where I come from ”

Calvin Trung Pham: ” I didn’t watch the show, but maybe yes maybe no, we don’t know the plot yet. Maybe they will build it up starting from warehouse looks and by season end it will be more glitzy in big city tournament. American Idol starts out every season in a hotel somewhere with thousands of street people, then end up in LV for big ending. You have to build up the momentum at the fundamental level. If you start out big and shiny, the show will have no place to go. The AWers who are in the show, I am sure they would keep they it quiet about the plot or story lines ”

” Maybe they are saving the bests for last, though Dave Chaffee, Travis B. Cobra, Allen…and many others give it a huge credential of max elite level of Awers. Next season…let’s wait and see IMO “


Comments from a new Game of Arms – closed facebook group created by Ryan Thames: ” I wanted to create a group where we could discuss the show. The pros and cons.

Lets be real. Lets be honest. Lets be respectful.

thank you ”

Ron Bath: ” WOW! Not in a good way ”

John Wilson: ” It’s one episode. Let’s stay positive. It will take time to develop the characters. ”

”  It took me 4 or 5 episodes to like Seinfeld- the best show on TV ever. ”

” The whole notion of meeting up in some abandoned warehouse is a cross between Fight Club and Every Which Way But Loose. But how else would they do it? Replace the warehouse with the countless seedy bars we’ve all pulled in and it’s not really off the mark. ”

” We’ve all competed in places you’d never walk into alone. That’s changed A LOT over the last 10 or 15 years thankfully. ”

” Bad feedback from the millions who watch Honey Boo Boo. Just remember that to keep perspective ”

Jonathan Quinn: ” UFC had some pretty bad feedback..reaching as far as the government when it first started ”

Gary Roberts: ” TOURnament directors around the country should be celebrating…that is entertainment first…and nobody can buy that kind of advertising…the fact that they are stylizing the sport to be consumable by the masses WILL NOT HURT ARMWRESTLING!! ”

Denise Wattles: ” My phone started ringing as soon as it was over with guys wanting to know about upcoming events. I think the show is a home run! “


Game of Arms - ARM YOURSELF
Game of Arms – ARM YOURSELF

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