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INFO: TOP 8 VENDETTA 2019, Prizes, Tournament details

Top 8 Vendetta 2019
Top 8 Vendetta 2019, Champions: Denis Cyplenkov, Levan Saginashvili, Rustam Babayev, Genadi Kvikvinia Contenders: Dmitry Trubin, Alex Kurdecha, Evgeny Prudnik, Tim Bresnan

UPDATE: See the pairs here ► INFO: TOP 8 VENDETTA 2019, THE PAIRS, VIDEO

TOP 8 Vendetta Tournament prizes:

1st place – 50,000 US dollars.

2nd place – 20,000 US dollars.

3rd place – 15,000 US dollars.

4th place – 10,000 US dollars.

5th place – 8,000 US dollars.

6th place – 7,000 US dollars.

7th place – 6,000 US dollars.

8th place – 5,000 US dollars.

Total Prizes of 121,000 US dollars

” The tournament “TOP 8” is a series of 6 round fights, consisting of 3 stages, according to the results of which its participants will distribute 1-8 places of the highest division of the Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling among themselves.

Before the start of the tournament, participants will be divided into Champions and Contenders. Then there will be a draw, organized in such a way that each Champion will be guaranteed to fight the Contender in the first stage of the tournament.

Given that the preliminary date is the beginning of April, the TOP 8 DRAW OF PAIRS will take place on 7 March 2019, more info ► THE DATE OF THE TOP 8 DRAW IS DETERMINED!.

At the first stage, 4 matches of the main team will be held, according to the results of which the participants will be divided into two groups – A (winners) and B (losers). Group A will continue to fight in the second stage for 1-4 places, and group B – for 5-8 places.

At the second stage, a draw is held within each group and pairs are determined for further struggle.

After the fights of the second stage, in the final third stage, the winners of Group A will compete for 1-2 places, the losers of Group A will pull for 3-4 places. The winners of Group B will compete for 5-6 place, the losers of Group B – for 7-8 places. ”

See the pairs here ► INFO: TOP 8 VENDETTA 2019, THE PAIRS, VIDEO