INTERVIEW: Heidi Andersson │ by Nino Salvatore Fernandez

Heidi Andresson
Heidi Andersson │ Photo Source: – The armwrestler from Solitude
Many thanks to Nino Salvatore Fernandez for this interview with Heidi Andersson.
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1. How much time do you spend training and how did you get to know this sport and be interested in it?

I train 5-12 times a week. I started with armwrestling 21 years ago (11 years old) when I saw armwrestling on swedish television (one of the first swedish championships in armwrestling)

-2. What armwresther do you admire most and why?

Janis Amolins. Same age as me an one of the most complettarmwerstlers. He knows a lot of great exercises and is helping the swedish team with training tips.

-3. What are your expectations in this sport? 

That it will became an olympic sport.

-4. What other sport do you practice?

Nothing else. Some training I do are inspired by wrestling, gymnastic and boxing.

-5. What advice would you give to the young boys and girls who start with this sport? 

Have patiense. When I started my goal was to win one match – it took me tree years. Train with stronger and better arnwrestlers and you will get the best of the best!

-6. Apart from this sport… what other objectives do you have for your future? 

I will build an ecolgical house together with my husband Björn ferry (olympic Champion in biathlon) and our son Dante (2 years old)

-7. What armwrestling tecnique do you think is the best?

Depends on the opponent.

-8. What has been your worst dissapointment in this sport? 

That we still not are a part of world games and sports accord. Steps closer to the Olympics.

This is just a fragment, read the full interview on:

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