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INTERVIEW: Jaba Getiashvili │by Nino Salvatore Fernandez, August 2013

Jaba Getiashvili vs. Vladimir Mnatsakanyan - Euroarm 2013 │Photo Source:
Jaba Getiashvili vs. Vladimir Mnatsakanyan – Euroarm 2013 │Photo Source:
Many thanks to Nino Salvatore Fernandez for this interview with Jaba Getiashvili.
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-1. How much time do you spend training and how did you get to know this sport and be interested in it?
Hi Nino. I have been training for 25 years now. I started when I was 15 when one of my friends asked me if I wanted to prove my strength. He took me one day to train with him, I really liked it and this is how I started.

-2. What armwresther do you admire most and why?
I like my masters Roin Nozadze and Vefjvia Smaxarade , great athletes. But as mi best armwrestler friend, Rustam Bavev is the one I admire most.

-3. What are your expectations in this sport?
I would like to win the NEMIROFF world cup as it is the title I am missing. I already finished second three times.

-4. What other sport do you practice?
When I was a kid I started with acrobatic gymnastics, up to the age of 15. But now I only train arm wrestling.

-5. What advice would you give to the young boys and girls who start with this sport?
My first advice would be to start with an adequate exercise, take care of your hands and rely on the adults.

-6. Apart from this sport… what other objectives do you have for your future?
I would like to start up my own gym, so that people can train and also train them to become European and world champions

-7. What armwrestling tecnique do you think is the best?
From my point of view, the best technique is the “top roll” and the speed. You lose less energy and you win faster.

-8. What has been your worst dissapointment in this sport?
My biggest disappointment in the sport has been related to the dopping of athletes. There should be a way to verify it correctly.

This is just a fragment, read the full interview on:

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