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INTERVIEW: John Brzenk – The Legend

John Brzenk - Vyotech │ Photo Source:
John Brzenk – Vyotech │ Photo Source:

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” Interview with a Legend

… Legend. Someone associated with the word something ancient written in manuscripts or languishing in a huge tome … One thinks of Ridley Scott with a young Tom Cruise, and who – that Will Smith in the film adaptation of the novel by the magnificent “I Am Legend.” ..
I have also been associated with that word only one. Man of Steel. King armwrestling. Professor.
John Richard Brzenk.
Gone forever Zaur Tskhadadze finest hour. Gone are the other sports Alan Karaev and Alexey Voevoda. And John is still pleases us with fights. It seems he does not age as well as his good-natured smile.
I always wanted to see Brzenk in Russia. To see again after the “Golden Bear.”
And behold, the hour has come! Thanks to the tournament A-1 RUSSIAN OPEN – we’re waiting Brzenk in Moscow!
In the meantime, the Russian Association armsportu decided to make a gift to all fans armrsetlinga. Interview with a Legend!

Hello, John! With great joy all the fans of arm wrestling in Russia learned that you are going to take part in the World armwrestling Grand Prix A1 Russian Open Rusartarhiv 2014! In our press service received a lot of questions for you, from your Russian fans! We chose the most popular, allow you to set them.

How did you decide to come to this tournament?
John Brzenk. Was not easy to miss the A1 last 2 years, but as many of you know, I had a good reason – a serious shoulder injury and subsequent surgery. It took a long time to recover. My form is still not at the level at which we would like, but, unfortunately, the years take their toll. Have to take for granted the fact that the shoulder may never recover one hundred percent. So when I received an offer to participate in the A1, I thought there was a chance that never will be in such form as it is now.

How can you comment on the tournament?
John Brzenk: I do not fully understand how the grid works absolute category in this competition, but I watched in detail the results of previous years, and, judging by the results, it seems to me that the grid is very effective. Get into the top eight teams in the tournament – is in itself a great achievement. Armwrestling level in Russia, as Russia’s capabilities have changed significantly since 1990. Prizes for A1 is the highest in the world. $ 10,000 for each hand in absolyutke – a really serious reward. Also, I think it’s great when athletes with disabilities also have the opportunity to fight for decent money.Should be involved in these athletes and support them not only morally, but also, of course, financial. Arm wrestling – a sport where everyone can show themselves in one category or another, regardless of circumstances.

Who, in your opinion, is the favorite of the absolute weight category A1?
John Brzenk: To get to the top, in armsportu takes time. So, I think that all of those same athletes will fight for the podium. Can not allocate Tsyplenkova Denis, Andrew Pushkar. This year, the arrival of Dave Chafee may bring some changes in the existing status – quo.

What a launch weight you want to put on the tournament?
John Brzenk: Today I weigh 225 pounds (102 kg) with visible overweight. I’m going to exercise more, to at A1 was 10 pounds (4.5 kg) less fat and more muscle mass. I do not think much gone from 225 pounds. Fighting in the category of 100 kg is real to me, if I accept this decision.

How do you assess your physical form today?
John Brzenk: I train very active, but unfortunately, as I said, not getting any younger, and very concerned about the shoulder. I’ll get ready for the competition as I can and hopefully luck will not pass me by the draw. Feel that I can fight for a decent level in its category. Time will tell my chances in the fight absolyutke.

The question that interests most readers – what is the volume of your biceps and forearms?
John Brzenk: The size of my biceps 17.5 inches (44.5 cm), forearm 15.5 inches (39.5 cm)

In Russia, the power of your performance is legendary, it can – then tell our readers about the power performance in any exercise?
John Brzenk: How many of you know, I’m not a big fan of weight to drag. In fact, I almost never did. 30 years of fighting at the table with different sparring partners have developed my strength and endurance. Only recently I started working out with weights to regain shoulder after a major operation. Yes, and just get in shape. However, I’ve never been a fan of weight lifting.

Of that exercise, in addition to fighting, you use in your preparation for competition? There is what that favorite exercise John Brzenk?
John Brzenk: I have no favorite exercises. Lifting heavy loads has always been difficult for me, since I never devoted enough time to this task. After struggling at the table I give my body to recover before the next workout.

Where do you most often trains in the United States?
John Brzenk: I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in November last year. Started training with the local team in Phoenix. I was glad to see that the city has been prepared and well-organized team. Todd Hutchins also recently moved to Arizona. Every two weeks we meet and train at the table.

What are the main motives for practicing arm wrestling at arm wrestlers from the U.S.? What motivates them to reach the top arm wrestling?
John Brzenk: I think the best side arm wrestling – the development of friendly relations, partnership and mutual assistance in training. Regular joint exercises allow to reach new levels of excellence to all participants. Responsibility that your friends and teammates are waiting for you at the next training session, provides an additional incentive not to go astray.

Tell me, how great eats Brzenk?
John Brzenk: I’m on a diet. Always I’m eating what I want, when hunger makes itself felt. I used to monitor the consumption of protein, especially when chasing weight. But for several years do not do it.

Tell me with whom you would like to spend a duel by the “armfayt”? There is such an athlete? If there is – why is it with him?
John Brzenk: I need to better heal his shoulder and if it happens, I’d like to call to fight Michael Todd. He proved to be a tough nut to crack. I would like to show that there is life in the old dog yet, and defeat him.

And what bout you remember the most for your career? What is considered the most significant victory, defeat, and what is most offensive to you?
John Brzenk: One of the most memorable fights for me was when I defeated Denis Tsyplenkova. I must admit I did not expect this, but I had the support of friends, which allowed not to lose faith in themselves. Thanks Neil Pickup (Neil Pickup). Most humiliating defeat for me are those when I allowed myself to fight injured.

Personal question from our constant readers. What pets do you like?
John Brzenk: In our family, we love dogs. It is indifferent to cats. We live one beagle (breed of English hounds) and one dachshund.

In Russia you are loved and very welcome. What can you say to your fans?
John Brzenk: When I visited the tournament “Golden Bear” in 1990, I received a warm welcome and good support from the Russians. Every once in Russia, I was very comfortable and relaxed. Thank you for this!

  Author: Ivan Dobororezov 
  Translation: Oleg Kasatkin "

Source: │ Google Translate

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