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Robert Drenk: UAL Athletes are allowed to compete in ANY open tournaments, wearing UAL shirts

Robert Drenk │ Image Source: Robert Drenk
Robert Drenk │ Image Source: Robert Drenk

I wonder if this rule also applies to , considering that he is a UAL contracted athlete, and he will compete at . At previous A1 Russian Open tournaments () all athletes wore A1 shirts.

Robert Drenk – northeastboard:

All contracted athletes are allowed to compete in ANY open tournaments (non invitational, non one on one or round robin events) so long as they are wearing an official UAL Jersey or Shirt during the entire event and competition. Any athletes not complying will be in breach of contract. We are opening the rules up but kindly ask that you support the league supporting you. Any questions please feel free to Re-read your contracts or call me directly.


Robert Drenk



The shirt is a requirement for a reason, to be honest I’d rather UAL athletes compete in UAL events only but I’m being flexible until our TV series is launched allowing them to compete in outside events only if they stick to the uniform policy in their contracts.



Because Armwars is an affiliate that will not broadcast in the US! My agreement with Neil is just that.

All the more reason it doesn’t work for UAL athletes. No UAL athletes can be filmed by any other production company for any other TV series.

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