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Bill Collins about UAL and The next WAF World Armwrestling Championships

Bill Collins - UAL
Bill Collins – UAL │ Photo Source:

Bill Collins – northeastboard:

Like anything else you can’t make everyone happy…..At some point someone in this sport needed to take the lead and bring it to the next level….if you want it to grow!

It comical hearing people say this sport will grow, not in the USA with how promoter are doing it, if you think other wise your a bit delusional! Or should i say as history repeats itself it’s gone nowhere..USA had a few good runs but died quickly..

Promoters been chasing around the same 300-400 pullers for the entry fee, inside of 4 walls, the only one seeing the event are our customers, the pullers. How is that growing?

My partner once asked me how do we make this sport popular and make it grow, the answers>>>vision, hard work, heart, integrity, balance and get it in front of a million people…UAL is doing that!

UAL has made a few mistakes along the way but like anything else, the learning curves make you a better, smarter and a stronger company.

All the elements are in place and now is the time, the hater will always hate and the jealous will always be jealous, but the pullers who have faith and have seen the integrity of the UAL will follow and want to be part of something great..

People are stroking over contracted pullers, do you see a UFC fighter cross over and fight in bellator or xtream, the organization invest money and promote the athlete, hoping to get ROI. No diff rent then what UAL is doing, the problem is if you think small you stay small , think big and go big..

Puller have the choice!!! Anyone can still pull in a UAL event but only the contracted pullers will have the opportunity to pull in a live televised armwrestling event with additional perks ($$$)…

If you have any question Robert and I can be reached at

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Joe Rozbora – The next World Championships – northeastboard:

2014 – Latvia (Edit: Joe Rozbora deleted his post about the next world championships. The next world championship will be: 36th World Armwrestling Championships 2014 (WAF) │Vilnius, Lithuania, 14 – 22 September)

2015 – USA
2016 – Bulgaria
2017 – Hungary
2018 – Slovakia

Question to UAL:contracted pullers can pull at Worlds?
Bill Collins – The next World Championships – northeastboard:


Robert Drenk - Bill Collins - UAL
Robert Drenk – Bill Collins – UAL │ Photo Source:

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