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INTERVIEW: Khadzimurat Zoloev preparing for the 34th World Armwrestling Championships 2012

Alexey Semerenko Vs. Khadzimurat Zoloev - A1 Russian Open 2012
Alexey Semerenko Vs. Khadzimurat Zoloev – A1 Russian Open 2012

” 27/08/2012

    On the eve of the World Championship Armwrestling we asked a few questions to one of the leaders of our team, the athlete who, in addition to the outstanding achievements in the weight category up to 80 kg, great acts in the open category at major international tournaments, multiple champion of Russia, Europe and the world – Khadzhimurat Zoloeva.

IRON WORLD: Hi, Khadzhimurat. How is your preparation for the World Cup?

Khadzhimurat Zoloyev Hi! My training is being held in the mode of maintaining muscle tone!Due to the fact that there were injuries, and I had to stop training in developmental mode and give complete peace hands.

JM: Do you heal the injury?

H. Z.: Definitely can not say, because I do not have a sparring partner, a level at which to test their bond.

JM: Will you fight on the left hand?

H. Z.: On the left definitely will because I need the experience and to fight with his left hand. I think that soon I’ll start to show her the same results as on the right!

JM: Who do you think the main competitors?

H. Z.: At the moment it Mammadov and secrets, and so I think that all will be for me serious. A lot also depends on the process of acclimatization.

JM: How do you evaluate your form today?

H. Z.: I would not say that my form is weaker than that of the main contenders. I will say that I am in good shape, though not at the same level as when speaking at professional tournaments. 

JM: We wish you a successful performance, and hope that this championship you added to his collection of medals highest order! 

Author: Andrei Antonov

Photo by: Andrew Franskevich 


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