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INTERVIEW: Travis Bagent on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio │ 18 August 2014

 talks about , where Travis will be the tournament director, and about the new format that will be tried out in Chicago.

There are 3 top level athletes that have big changes to win their classes:

We also find out from Travis that  – the CEO and founder of  turned out TV deals that seemed amazing for Travis, but the fact is that Steve is in for the right TV deal for WAL, he is working super hard at it and it’s only a matter of time before there will be announced the entire ramification for the 2015 year.

Craig Soubliere asked Travis if the one match (out of 5) he lost with Chop at VIDEOS: Travis Bagent vs. Matt “Chop” Bertrand │16 August 2014 was for real or if it was acting. Travis said that it was for real because Chop is the second best armwrestler in North America, he can beat  and anyone else in North America except for Travis Bagent. 🙂

For the ones asking if Travis Bagent is acting, Travis said that he is acting everyday of his life, he is acting like him. 🙂

This Monday Night’s guest is Travis Bagent and The WAL commission

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