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Ivan Matyushenko – Interview before the Championship of Russia 2013

Ivan Matyushenko
Ivan Matyushenko │ Photo by Andrew Franskevich – Source:

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” On the eve of the championship of Russia, we take a short interview with one of the main contenders in the category up to 110 kg Muscovite Ivan Matyushenko.

IRON WORLD: Hi, Ivan!Last year you all surprised.You all know as an expert on his right hand, and you showed the best results on the left.4th to “Russia”, 2nd on A1 in the category and fourth in absolyutke.And in very decent company.Does this mean that now you have the basic hand – left?
Ivan Matyushenko: Hi! I surprised myself even more, since the last five years was afraid to give all up due to chronic injury. Even last “Russia” no risk and the fourth on the left, but in the summer felt that I could begin to fight at full strength. A right hand decided to rest in the past year, after the “Russia” for serious competitions on it did not fight.

JM: So, now, after a year’s break in the fight with his right hand, you’re ready to show a good result in the biathlon?
IM: I wish.

JM: Are you going to take part in an absolute championship of Russia?
IM: determined after a fight in the category. If not loaded, why not fight on.

JM: How did the preparation for the main start of the country?
IM: Not bad, with little or no disruption. Basic training tasks performed.

JM: Who are your main rivals in the championship of Russia?
IM: I would be particularly tuned to Karyaeva Murad Kazieva Shurumbiya, Dzhioeva Khetaga, Kachmazova Slavik and, of course, the glory Murieva. However, others also will not be underestimated.The composition is strong, it will be interesting.

Author: Andrei Antonov
Photo by: Andrew Franskevich ”

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