Jambul Vibliani former known as Roman Tsindeliani will represent Georgia at the 35th World Armwrestling Championships 2013

Roman Tsindeliani (Jambul Vibliani) - 2010 Empire States
Roman Tsindeliani (Jambul Vibliani) – 2010 Empire States │ Image Source: myarmtv.com
Jambul Vibliani, former known as Roman Tsindeliani, will represent Georgia at the 35th World Armwrestling Championships 2013 in the 65 kg category with both hands.
Left handRight hand
14555 kg
14655 kg
147Gela Arabuli60 kg
14860 kg
149Vilen Gabrava65 kg
150Jambul Vibliani65 kg
15170 kg
152Koba Mamamtavrishvili70 kg
153Vepkhvia Samkharadze75 kg
15475 kg
15580 kg
156Jaba Getiashvili80 kg
157Giorgi Tvaliashvili85 kg
15885 kg
159Koba Todadze90 kg
160Irakli Gamtenadze90 kg
161Vaso Dautashvili100 kg
162Racho Gakharia100 kg
163Levan Saginashvili110 kg
164110 kg
165Rezo Lutidze110+ kg
166110+ kg
16755 kg
16855 kg
169Gela Arabuli60 kg
170Aleks Pretsuashvili60 kg
171Vilen Gabrava65 kg
172Jambul Vibliani65 kg
173Aleks Abutidze70 kg
174Koba Mamamtavrishvili70 kg
175Vepkhvia Samkharadze75 kg
17675 kg
177Nikoloz Matiashvili80 kg
178Jaba Getiashvili80 kg
179Giorgi Tvaliashvili85 kg
18085 kg
181Koba Todadze90 kg
182Arsena Shoshiashvili90 kg
183Vaso Dautashvili100 kg
184Racho Gakharia100 kg
185Levan Saginashvili110 kg
186110 kg
187Rezo Lutidze110+ kg
188110+ kg
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Roman Tsindeliani, now returned to his original Georgian name – Jambul Vibliani, was realeased this year: Roman Tsindeliani was released ! The world champion is free ! │23 May 2013
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Roman Tsindeliani vs Jerry Cadorette at the UAL Overalls

Uploaded on 15 Aug 2010

Roman Tsindeliani vs Jerry Cadorette at the UAL Overalls, Venice Beach, Los Angeles , California 2010.

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Uploaded on 23 Nov 2010

Roman Tsindeliani, who is a native of Republic of Georgia and moved to New Jersey from Russia just a year ago weighed-in at just 150 pounds but was able to win seven weight classes against some of the best arm wrestlers in the world. The only match that Tsindeliani lost during the day was to Bagent, who has more than 150 pounds on him, in the overall left handed category bur during an exhibition maych took down Bagent on Stage “Roman is the best weight for weight arm wrestler I have ever seen in my life,” said Camp. “I’ve been doing this for 33 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.”

After one of his many victories, Tsindeliani, speaking through a translator, was asked about his training regimen, Tsindeliani, who works as a driver, refused to reveal much though. “I have no secrets,” Tsindeliani replied. “I train like everyone does.”

Source: nycarms

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