Roman Tsindeliani was released ! The world champion is free ! │23 May 2013

Roman Tsindeliani is finally free !

Roman Tsindeliani was released 2013
Roman Tsindeliani was released 2013 │Photo Source: Вадим Панджариди –
The original article was published on 24 May 2013, which means Roman Tsindeliani was released on 23 May 2013, after 2 years and one month of wrongful imprisonment.

Original article – (24 May 2013)Google Translate:

” Yesterday it was reported that a multiple world champion in arm wrestling Roman Tsindeliani acquitted of all charges in a criminal case.

It all began back in August 2011, when Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport staff chief of the Criminal Investigation Department (GUUR) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained some Jambul Vibliani. The last two decades, he was listed as wanted internationally on charges of allegedly committed murder in Georgia. Athlete for a long time in hiding in Russia and the United States under the name of a Russian citizen Roman Tsindeliani, but from this country, in the end, he was expelled for violating the passport regime.

During the arrest Jambul Vibliani Russian passport was confiscated by the name of Roman Tsindeliani. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs GUUR in September at Vibliani over U.S. visa, after which he was deported from the U.S. to Russia. “On the detention has notified the International Law Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office and the law enforcement bodies of Georgia”, – the then Russian operatives.

According to investigators Vibliani managed to escape from the Georgian justice system: using the links in sporting circles, he fled to Russia and settled in the city of Perm. There he lived under the name of Roman Tsindeliani, for this period, and all of its major sports achievements. Kama in the capital, he was a man well-known, led outdoor lifestyle and often gave interviews. It said Vladimir Bolotov – the president of the Permian power sports club “Hercules”, and later the head coach Tsindeliani. Roman Tsindeliani later became one of the coaches in the “heroes” and worked there almost from the ground up to his departure abroad.

Total Tsindeliani held in jail for two years and one month. The novel itself is believed that in the first case the statute of limitations, and the second was fabricated in order to extradite him to Georgia. What was done. But since Georgia’s new government took office, many of the cases were reviewed, including the Roman Tsindeliani.

In Perm 44-year-old athlete is not going to come back, even though he is living his wife Thea Tsindeliani and two children. Going to settle in Georgia and to return to the sports career. ”

Original article – (24 May 2013)Google Translate

Roman Tsindeliani is finally free !


UPDATE: Last year on 15 October 2012, Vazgen Soghoyan explained on what happened in this case:

” Finaly. I had a chance to talk to our friend Roman Tsindeliani today. It was long time that I couldn’t get in contact with Him. He told me that He is in good health, even gained a little weight, He trains at jail gym, feeling normal. About the status of His case; Russian Authorities decided to send Him to Georgia. Roman agreed with that decision and He is confident that in Georgia He has more chances to prove His innocence in place. He can prove that He is not that person who was involved in that crime. Recently there were Georgian parliament elections and a new Team came to the power in Georgia. Roman thinks that new Georgian Authorities are trustful, positive and He hopes on a true Justice. The previous Authorities was fighting with Russia and prosecuting all those Georgians who were connected with Russia in any way. As You know, Roman is a Georgian who represents Team Russia. He also said that everybody including Russian Armsport Assoc. President, Officials, Friends worldwide continue to help and support Him and His Family in such hard situation. Roman asked Me to THANK all those Who pray and support Him. He was talking positive, a confident voice, We were joking about some other things in Life. This situation reminded Us the famous Soviet movie “Mimino” where 2 men ( a Georgian and an Armenian) meet each other in a big city and the Georgian gets into a trouble, jail, court, freed, and all this time the Armenian was trying to help Him. Let’s wish Him All Good Luck and Freedom Soon! ”

Source: Vazgen Soghoyan – (15 October 2012)

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  1. This is such great news! I'm looking forward to seeing you again my friend. The LORD has heard the prayers of His people.
    We'll continue to keep you in our thoughts. May God provide your every need.

  2. Such a great thing. The man I know seemed unlikely for the charges leveled against him. Praise be to God the he was finally released and that his spirits remained high.

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