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CAN WAL COME BACK ? Todd Hutchings vs. Craig Tullier, Matt Mask vs. Devon Larratt │Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video posted below

CAN WAL COME BACK ? Todd Hutchings vs. Craig Tullier, Matt Mask vs. Devon Larratt │Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video posted below

After what happened this year with WAL (UPDATE: WAL 2017 Championship UnCancelled, Comments, VIDEO), many armwrestlers were upset.


Below the Poll you can read some facebook comments made by Devon Larratt, Matt Mask, Michael Todd and many other armwrestlers about WAL comeback.

You can choose multiple answers in the poll.

Devon Larratt – facebook: I’m pretty sure its gonna be bigger than ever..

Dan Hickey: I hope so. I liked the WAL im really hoping for a comeback

Chris Gobby:

Devon Larratt: just remember Chris i don’t think you personally ever got fooled.. 2 ask anyone who has personal interactions with Steve – this guy never ever fooled any of us.. maybe made some decisions that we weren’t 100% happy with, but never were we fooled. don’t go off the banter on social media. talk to anyone who knew Steve, i personally will be very surprised if people knock his integrity.

Chris Gobby: I ll knock his integrity all day. He pulled the plug on an event to which many already booked flights & rooms too. Honourable men don’t do this

Devon Larratt: believe me – i was there.. along with a whole bunch of others who believed in a dream that we were working toward. I can’t name a pro league that doesnt have a strike or two.. thats what happens when you go to bat.. you may strike out. WAL was the biggest batter for our professional side of the house we have ever had.. and i think it is not done.

Herman Stevens II: I’ll knock his integrity based on my personal interaction with him. The attempt to fool me is as bad as actually fooling me. It’s insulting.

Chris Gobby: Herman Stevens II. It’s like we are the exact SAME person. Except you’re black and way more successful in all walks of life.

Herman Stevens II: Doppelgänger?

Chris Gobby: I don’t speak East German

Emilios Zahos: World Armwrestling Laugh

Ryan Johnston: Would be nice if those of us that qualified for the finals last year and went get a pass this year for whatever qualifier they come up with, if they come back. I’m sure most of us would be back on board if we didn’t have to do all that again.

Joseph W Drellack: I never pulled WAL, but enough of my teammates did….I am offended on behalf of them 🤪

Ryan Johnston: I pulled and went to all the WAL events I could. Hate the rules and set up, but by far the best events I have been to. You will never see that level of talent at an event at the same time again if WAL folds.

Joseph W Drellack: WAL has folded…..if they show their face again, it will be a comeback.

Joseph W Drellack: I went to one event, had a great time, but would NEVER pull their events. I do not sign on their dotted line. I was also questioned very weirdly about me filming their events, messaged by their “people” to tell me to take certain video(s) down….they NEVER shared ANY of my footage from North Regional… other words, they hated me, and I hated them. I was there for the pullers, not their logo or brand.

Avi Bench Whoever goes back to wal without any proper compensation has the balls the size of a liberal clinton follower

Mike Ayello: My balls are tiny for other reasons


Shawn Lattimer: I’ll still pull there if they get their shit together.

Dave DePew: You know who always has their shit together, never backs out of their commitments, and consistently delivers quality competitions? Bill Collins and the Collins family.

Devon Larratt: Bill is a great guy

Neil Pickup: Bill Collins is a Top Bloke.

Matt Mask: I can’t wait. If and when WAL comes back which will be soon. I will be there to support it 100%. My best memories in this sport was with them and hope to create even more better ones.

Matt Mask: For once I may actually have to agree with Tom Nelson on this one. WAL champ or die trying 😉

Michael Todd: Apparently you are going to use this a lot from now on?? ^^^

I would to have you here to go through a few of these with me,

Devon Larratt: haha i love it. you are gonna win buddy. i watched that whole vid. you are an animal buddy. you are gonna get that world title.

Michael Todd: Devon Larratt, thx for the support! The workouts I completed this week were 50lbs heavier than the exact same workouts I did my last week before WAL finals & I still have 4 more weeks to get stronger!! 👍😜💪


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