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UPDATE: WAL 2017 Championship UnCancelled, Comments, VIDEO

WAL 2017 Championship Cancelled │Image Source: Artem Toproll
WAL 2017 Championship Cancelled │Image Source: Artem Toproll


World Armwrestling League – facebook:

” Arm Wrestlers – Below are updates on 2017 Championships:
Please read the below carefully and check back here for updates. Below are the current times/location for WAL 2017 Championships competition.
When: Wednesday, June 28
9 am – 12 pm
2 pm – 5 pm
7 pm – 9:30 pm
All weigh-in blocks are open to all divisions, men and women, pro and amateur.
Location: Excalibur Hotel and Casino (host hotel) – Devonshire / Aquitane Room
Note: Weight classes and weigh-ins will be at WAL standards, meaning there is NO WEIGHT GIVEN under any circumstances. There is no clothing allowance and there are no pounds given. Athletes who do not make weight may enter the next class up.
Important! Amateurs who can’t make it to the posted weigh-in times need to email Karen Bean immediately at: [email protected]
WAL 2017 Championships Competition
Thursday, June 29
10 am: Start time for Pros
1 pm: Amateur start time
4:30 pm: Pro Finals
After Party to follow at 10 pm
Location / Venue:
Stoney’s Rockin’ Country
6611 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Note: Venue is all ages until 7 pm (competition expected to be completed by then)
Free parking is available onsite
– Definitely NO OTHER LEAGUE SHIRTS can be worn.
– All FINALISTS MUST be in WAL shirts.
– In Prelims, competitors are highly encouraged to wear their free WAL shirt, but are not required.
There will be prizes and giveaways available at the competition
WAL will not stream on it’s official channel.
PLEASE check back here for updates.
Anyone traveling that has any problems such as flight delays, etc that can affect weigh ins or competition, feel free to contact Karen Bean at [email protected] or text 423-923-2077. ”
Best of luck to all competitors. It’s going to be a great event! ”

World Armwrestling League – facebook:

” An UPDATE on Championships shirts:

– For Prelims, competitors are highly encouraged to wear their FREE WAL shirt, but not required
– All Finalists must wear WAL shirts

See you at Championships! ”

World Armwrestling League – facebook:

” WAL Nation,
UPDATE: Following yesterday’s news about the cancellation of our televised 2017 Championship event, the League has the following update: WAL WILL RUN its untelevised 2017 Championships in Las Vegas. Details on venue and schedule are still to come, but here are the basics:
Event will be directed/managed by Bart Wood and Karen Bean
Venue is still TBD, and once locked, schedule will be set.
Tentative dates are still Thursday June 29 and/or Friday June 30.
We will have both Pro and Amateur divisions and the same weight classes for men and women.
Prize money: THERE WILL BE PRIZE MONEY for the pro divisions. $1,000 for each Men’s division winner, $500 for each Women’s division winner.
Please direct all questions to Bart Wood at [email protected].
Updates will follow as soon as they become available.
Thank you,

Tim Lewis – facebook: ” Bart Wood is the new untelevised 2017 championship still being run under the WAL umbrella ? Do you know whether this is it for good or whether things plan on continuing next year? A lot of us just feel like we deserve straight answers. ”

Bart Wood – facebook: ” This is a WAL sanctioned event backed by WAL. ”

World Armwrestling League – facebook:

” WAL Nation,
WAL has made the difficult decision not to host the 2017 Championships. While we understand that this decision may come as a surprise to many of you, especially because it is close to the Championships, the reason for the timing is because we were actively negotiating several large critical partnerships that would have moved WAL and the sport forward in a substantial way. We wanted to give as much time as possible to accomplish this goal for the league and the sport but unfortunately, these deals didn’t get done in time, therefore we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2017 Championships.
We want to thank everyone who has supported WAL and the sport. ”

Gary Goodridge – facebook: ” I had trained a friend of mine. He had already qualified Janek Kwias we have been training for sometime now. Tonight we were on our last hard practice. Then we found out in the middle of practice. What we have been training for, spent many hours of training, was not going to happen. This was my first tournament back in a long time. We were also going to stay in Las Vegas for a week afterwards. Paid for our rooms and our plane tickets. I was never so disappointed when I found out these yahoos cancelled the tournament tonight. I am so disappointed with these idiots. There is no way that they didn’t know this awhile ago. They could of save us and many people from losing so much money. Along with all the hard training and time that we put into this. Two weeks before Tournament they cancelled. Needless to say this is one of the reasons I left the sport. Idiots promise in the moon and the stars. Then all we get is dirt or a no-show from promoters. I will never again waste my time and effort with idiots. I am so very disappointed in these bloody people. I love armwrestling and always have. But I hate these bloody yahoos that carry-on with crap and burn us in the end. ”

Tommy SE – facebook: ” World Armwrestling League you don’t cancel the event, you do something nevertheless, different venue, no prizes, despite the disagreements, etc. You just screwed people up, vulnerable, hard-working people. This is an atrocity and sad day for the sport. You have no idea what you have done to something we all love and support with our hearts. I just hope you understand WAL is done, you have dishonored, disrespected and touched us where it hurts the most. ”

Jonathan Hoffmann – facebook: ” If #wal doesn’t pay back flights etc and do some damage control then they could be looking at a serious issue with a lawsuit.. maybe class action ”

James Worke – facebook: ” The money made on qualifiers should be used to reimburse those going to finals that are losing money on nonrefundable flights, etc ”

Chase Stratton – facebook: ” My family and I just lost nearly $700 on non refundable plane tickets. This really hurts us. We had no idea this could happen, especially since the tournament is only 2 weeks away. ”

Christ Russakis – facebook: ” This is a sad day for the sport of Armwrestling!! This seems to happen to all that try!! But Wal could of handled cancellation better than this!! After everyone has trained and paid for the trip!! Just awful news!!! ”

Kevin Nelson – facebook: ” Armwrestle for the sport, for that match that you dug deep and left it all on the table wether on tv or in some guy’s garage. Do this and you will never lose! ”

Greg Gray -facebook: ” Have your July plans just been cancelled. Well come on down to Bonebreaker Gym, we’re having a tournament!

Jason Biava – facebook: ” What is sooooo difficult to have a CREDIBLE organization that keeps promises??? There is more than enough support, from athletes and spectators alike…. Could someone please get there shit together??????? ”

James Worke – facebook: ” It will be damn near impossible for wal to recover from this stunt ”

Carlisle Jay – facebook: ” Oh that’s it – It’s drained money-time & resources from m hundreds of people & Fucking Billionaire DICK Cancels show- Because he’s going to lose money- He canceling because someone Didn’t Buy his TV SHOW?
He could fund this out of pocket- Steve K- You rich fuck – Just PAY OUT- You Gambled You lost-
So you fuck over hundreds of People who supported you for years-

Jamieson Lalande – facebook: ” Wow now that’s unprofessional especially 2 weeks out pfft ”

Bill Sager – facebook: ” Do we still get the hotel discount? I already paid and am getting married there also ..F!!K u wal !!!! ”

James Worke – facebook: ” If they dont take care of these elite pullers that are gonna take a loss for this stunt, they’re done, cuz the elite wont support them after this otherwise ”

Anthony Paul Letterio – facebook: ” Like many i spent money on airfare hotel ect ”

Maateiwarangi Heta-morris – facebook: ” Fuck yous ”

Zurab Kavtaradze – facebook: ” I think and hope the UAL might step in for help like in 2013 ”

Joshua Gustin Grant – facebook: ” A group of promoters should join together and make this event happen, maybe the prize money can’t be there, but the tourney should happen!! Leonard Harkless Bill Collins Karen Mainard Bean Anthony Paul Letterio Denise Wattles ”

Jody Williams – facebook: ” I’ll say one last thing and let it go. Ya’ll need to thank Bill Collins, Denise Wattles, Leonard Harkless, Karen Mainard Bean, Frank Bean & others. These folks have been putting on tournaments for decades they’ve seen leagues come and go, and when the smoke cleared to this day they’re still putting on great tournaments. As a avid armwrestling fan and competitor……I thank you all. ”

Rick Pinkney – facebook: ” I woke up this morning with many messages about the WAL and how I should be happy that it failed. Well,, I’m not happy about it. Even though they dropped their Championship on top of the one I had been planning for over 1 1/2 years. Failure of one organization hurt all organizations.
When something like this happens it’s just bad for the sport. Friends from across Canada, the US, Europe and Australia are losing a lot of money by this cancellation. Being in the sport for as long as I have, I’ve seen this happen several times. Each time it happens it takes a toll on the next promoter that comes along. That person may have great intentions but the seeds of doubt that were planted by the previous failures will hurt them. Now this failure will really hurt the next person more than ever. Why? Because Steve was a billionaire and everyone figured those deep pockets wouldn’t do this. The fact that it was cancelled this close to the event will have lasting implications.
Just remember that when the next big one comes along and it will, do not forget about all the small promoters out there that have been busting their asses all these years to bring you even the small local events. If you’re in the US support and thank the people like Karen, Leonard, Denise and Bill and all the State directors for their hard work and dedication to the sport. In Canada we have a great bunch of Provincial directors and promoters like Perry and Joe that put on events to make this sport what it is.
We may not be in the Olympics or have million dollar pay checks but we have passion for the sport and a love of the people in it. Do not let one small set back dissuade you from continuing in the sport. If it does then you weren’t a real armwrestler to begin with. ”

Artem Toproll – facebook: ” Okay well since there is needs to be a tournament to replace,there is as well needs to be a new hammer.
Artem Toproll Classic “Cocaine n Hookers” series overall champion hammer! Proudly supported by Scott Warren Reza Dilmaghanian Mike Moore #proud #murica #undefeated ”