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POLL: Do you think Armwrestling is cursed ? VIDEO

Anubis and Sobek armwrestling │ Image Source: Arm wrestling by HeiXieXun
Anubis and Sobek armwrestling │ Image Source: Arm wrestling by HeiXieXun

Please read the text and answer the poll. You can choose multiple options. Thank you. 🙂

Over the years, there were many attempts to popularize the sport of armwrestling. If we look only at the last 5 years, we had  which raised our hopes up, and when armwrestlers started to believe the show will do great things for the sport of armwrestling, the show got cancelled.

Now I feel that the same thing happens with WAL. Something is not right. What happened with WAL, made us appreciate more the promoters who dedicated their lives to promoting armwrestling events for more than 20 years.

When I don’t feel good about what happens in Armwrestling, I think (as a joke) about an ancient curse over this sport.

I believe it is safe to assume that this thing we call now Armwrestling was practiced (in a different form) from ancient Egyptian times. I know this was said before about armwrestling, although I didn’t see any proof, they had many Combat Sport Activities in Ancient Egypt.

Maybe, just maybe a pharaoh / god / cat got so upset over losing an armwrestling match that he put a curse on Armwrestling. 🙂

The curse could have been like: Armwrestling will never grow big, people will never find out that the great pharaoh / god / cat lost an armwrestling match. 🙂

Allison Renoos Hutchings – facebook: ” I’m still going to Vegas. And I’m still bringing Todd. And he’s still bringing his side pressure. I figure if 250 of you line up across a table from him for $100 matches, we’ll recoup our losses in an hour. 💪🌞🍺🍹👙 ”

Armend Havoc Wesson – facebook: ” Uploaded after 195 text messages.
A sad response to finding out about the WAL being cancelled. For some this news is all too familiar. Grab your tissues. 😓 “