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POLL: The first rule of Freedom Armwrestling: 1. THERE ARE NO RULES, VIDEO

When I first watched this video my first reaction was: WTF I’m watching here ? What is this, is this still armwrestling, or is it dancing around the table ? I’m confused. 😕

Then I kept watching but it was like watching a car crash… I was expecting to see a broken arm, I started to feel pain in my left arm.

Then I had to watch it again and again, I have to say it was entertaining in a weird way. I started to understand why freak shows were / are so popular: you can’t take your eyes off it. 🙂

In the same time, I had MANY mixed feelings about this.

Therefore, I made a POLL in which I wrote down many different thoughts that came to my mind, and I hope to see which of this thoughts get the most votes.

You can choose many (even all) the options in the poll. The video is below the poll. in case you didn’t watch it or want to watch it again.

PS: I made several articles about , I know there are rules, you can actually read them here.

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Source: Brenden Lemmon Mulvihill