Fred Dedrick vs. Jeff Dabe, Fred Dedrick hugs Devon Larratt, Alain Goyer vs. Allen Ford, ARM MELTER 28 │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video
Fred Dedrick vs. Jeff Dabe, Fred Dedrick hugs Devon Larratt, Alain Goyer vs. Allen Ford, ARM MELTER 28 │ Collage made by XSportNews using images from the video

Devon Larratt didn’t compete, but he got a big hug from Fred Dedrick – the winner of SINGLE ELIMINATION OVERALL LEFT category. The supermatches took place before the tournament and the amazing part is that some armwrestlers who won the supermatches managed to also win some classes in the tournament.

The videos are posted after the results table, scroll down.

This results table was made by XSportNews, using the results from Arm Melter Armwrestling League:


4 March 2017, Great Canadian Warehouse, Petawawa, Ontario, Canada


Left Hand- North American Professional Championship Belt
Jeff Dabe vs Evan Bourgoin
Winner: Jeff Dabe 3-0
———————————————————————— ———
Right Hand – Lightweight Canadian Professional Championship Belt
Champion, Brad Wade vs Challenger, Mathieu Charbonneau
Winner: Brad Wade 3-1
———————————————————————— ———
Right Hand – Exhibition
Cody Liezert vs Doug Weir
Winner: Cody Liezert 3-0
———————————————————————— ———
Left Hand – Superheavyweight Canadian Professional Championship Belt
Champion, Evan Bourgoin vs Challenger, Fred Dedrick
Winner: Fred Dedrick 3-0
———————————————————————— ———
Left Hand – Lightweight Canadian Professional Championship Belt
Champion, William Walsh vs Challenger, Mathieu Charbonneau
Winner: William Walsh 3-0
———————————————————————— ———
Right Hand – North American Professional Championship Belt
Christian Gilbert vs Fred Dedrick
Winner: Christian Gilbert 3-0
———————————————————————— ———


Mens Left 0-165Mens Right 0-165
1. Brian Sehl1. Brian Sehl
2. Logan Laundry2. Logan Laundry
3. Darren Hitchon3. Darren Hitchon
4. Izak Ford4. Dean Szombathelyi
5. Dean Szombathelyi5. Nathan Meschke
6. Nathan Meschke6. Izak Ford
————————— —————————— —
Mens Left 166-190Mens Right 166-190
1. Frederic Mazerello1. Shane Bourgoin
2. Cody Bourgoin2. Frederic Mazerello
3. Colin Gale3. Colin Gale
4. Dom Poissant4. Dom Poissant
5. Terry McCutcheon5. Christian Laundry
6. Casey Bosum
7. Terry McCutcheon
————————— —————————— —
Mens Left 191+Mens Right 191+
1. Chris Vincent1. Chris Vincent
2. Jeremy Schultz2. Cameron Priebe
3. Cameron Priebe3. Jocelyn Brulotte
4. Jocelyn Brulotte4. Jeremy Schultz
5. Benjamin Oliver5. Benjamin Oliver
6. Daniel Dupont6. Dawson Marykuca
7. Dawson Marykuca7. Daniel Dupont
————————— —————————— —
Match of the Day: Jocelyn Brulotte vs Cameron Priebe
Most Sportsmanlike: Colin Gale
————————— —————————— —


Womens Left 0-143Womens Right 0-143
1. Patrina Brooks1. Patrina Brooks
2. Lynne Vermulen2. Lynne Vermulen
————————— —————————— —
Womens Left 144+Womens Right 144+
1. Alma Keuhl1. Alma Keuhl
2. Natasha Batt2. Natasha Batt
3. Patrina Brooks3. Patrina Brooks
4. Jen Radford4. Jen Radford
5. Lynne Vermulen
————————— —————————— —
Mens Left 0-165Mens Right 0-165
1. Matt Smith1. Brad Wade
2. Doug Weir2. Matt Smith
3. Daniel Abesque3. Daniel Abesque
4. Cody Liezert4. Doug Weir
5. Brody Hitchon5. Cody Liezert
6. Dean Szombathelyi6. Michael Smith
7. Shane Bourgoin
8. Dean Szombathelyi
9. Brody Hitchon
————————— —————————— —
Mens Left 166-187Mens Right 166-187
1. Alain Goyer1. James Bourgoin
2. Doug Hogan2. Alain Goyer
3. James Bourgoin3. Doug Hogan
4. Justin Gagnon4. Nick Mantas
5. Dylan McCutcheon5. Dylan McCutcheon
6. Nick Mantas6. Frederic Mazerello
7. Doug Wilson7. Justin Gagnon
8. Frederic Mazerello8. Doug Wilson
————————— —————————— —
Mens Left 188-220Mens Right 188-220
1. Brian Desormeaux1. Allen Ford
2. Allen Ford2. Brian Desormeaux
3. Bill Cameron3. Bill Cameron
4. Tyler Griesseier4. Tyler Griesseier
5. Dan King5. Craig O’Brien
6. Rick Blanchard6. Johnny Hellbo
7. Johnny Hellbo7. Rick Blanchard
————————— —————————— —
Mens Left 221+Mens Right 221+
1. Jeff Dabe1. Brenden Lemmon Mulvihill
2. Brenden Lemmon Mulvihill2. Ian Carnegie
3. Fred Dedrick3. Rick Ethier
4. Emile Cashman4. Emile Cashman
5. Jean Lessard5. Jean Lessard
6. Evan Bourgoin6. Samuel Cashman-Kadri
7. Rick Ethier7. Justin Major
8. Loic Mercier-D’Orso8. Avi Bench
9. Jamieson Lalande9. Loic Mercier-D’Orso
10. Samuel Cashman-Kadri10. Nathan Brien
11. Craig O’Brien11. Brett Bourgoin
12. Avi Bench12. Zac Sadler
13. Brett Bourgoin13. Bradley Bourgoin
14. Nathan Brien14. Fred Dedrick
15. Zac Sadler15. John Bosum
16. John Bosum16. Jocelyn Brulotte
17. Bradley Bourgoin17. Dawson Marykuca
————————— —————————— —



1. Fred Dedrick1. Allen Ford
2. Jeff Dabe2. Alain Goyer
3. Emile Cashman3. Jean Lessard
4. Allen Ford4. Brian Desormeaux
5. Brenden Lemmon Mulvihill5. Cody Liezert
6. Alain Goyer6. Matt Smith
7. Cody Liezert7. James Bourgoin
8. Avi Bench8. Brenden Lemmon Mulvihill
9. Jean Lessard9. Brad Wade
10. Doug Hogan10. Daniel Abesque
11. James Bourgoin11. Doug Weir
12. Matt Smith12. Brett Bourgoin
13. Daniel Abesque13. Frederic Mazerello
14. Brian Desormeaux14. Tyler Griesseier
15. Craig O’Brien15. Emile Cashman
16. Tyler Griesseier16. Avi Bench
17. Brett Bourgoin17. Craig O’Brien
18. Frederic Mazerello18. Michael Smith
19. Dan King19. Doug Hogan
20. Ian Carnegie
21. Dawson Marykuca
————————— —————————— —
Match of the day: Loic Mercier-D’Urso vs Avi Bench
Most Sportsmanlike: Frederic Mazerello
Referees: Craig Mitchell, Tony Brooks, Evan Bourgoin, Brian Power and Joe Gould
Emcee: John Milne
Scorekeeper: Rebecca Gould
———————————————————————— ———

Arm Melter 28 and Canadian Professional Championships – Overall Highlights

Source: Arm Melter

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