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Richard Miller the Liar Champion lies about being Armwrestling Champion

Richard Miller the Liar Champion lies about being Armwrestling Champion │ Image Source: [edited by]
Richard Miller the Liar Champion lies about being Armwrestling Champion │ Image Source: [edited by]

There are many media attention seekers in the world right now, but I guess Richard Miller is at another level, he is for sure a Liar Champion. 🙂

I guess Richard Miller was getting ready for the World’s Biggest Liar – an annual competition for telling lies, held in Cumbria, England. Competitors from around the world have five minutes to tell the biggest and most convincing lie they can. Competition rules bar the use of props or scripts. Politicians and lawyers are not allowed to enter the competition, because “they are judged to be too skilled at telling porkies”. More info on wikipedia ► World’s Biggest Liar

It is sad that made a story about Richard Miller in 2013, without checking up the facts first.

Maybe it is not a simple coincidence that the World’s Biggest Liar competition is held in Cumbria, England and the Cumbria Crack revealed his lies: Cumbrian man causes scandal in Armwrestling world


Message from the British Armwrestling Federation:

” In relation to the series of false claims made initially back in March 2013 and again this week, by Mr. Richard Miller, of Cumwhinton Near Carlisle, England, the B.A.F. would like to formally clarify that we are not, nor ever have been, linked to or in contact with Richard Miller.

Furthermore, Mr. Richard Miller has never been involved in, or competed in, any B.A.F. recognised or affiliated National Armwrestling Tournament of any kind, at either Amateur or Professional level.

Mr. Richard Miller did not therefore win either the English – British – United Kingdom – or B.A.F. recognised IRON ARM Tournament, in 2012, 2013 or indeed at any point in the history of those Events.

Contrary to any suggestion made by imagery contained in the video at the link below, Mr. Richard Miller has at no time, been invited to compete in the B.A.F. Recognised, ARM WARS Super Series events & as such, has never been awarded a Trophy for doing so by The ARM WARS Super Series. The ARM WARS organisation have no awareness whatsoever of Richard Miller & have never been either in contact or involved with Mr. Miller at any time.

Similarly Mr. Richard Miller has neither taken part in nor Won The Scottish National Championships earlier this week.

The B.A.F. would like to wish Richard Miller & his family all the best in resolving any personal issues which might be troubling Mr. Miller & which may have led to Mr. Miller being confused before making these false claims however Mr. Richard Miller is not, nor ever has been a National Armwrestling Champion in of the Countries of the United Kingdom.

Official Event Results lists from the B.A.F. British National Championships can be seen by scrolling down the B.A.F. Event Update Posts by year below. “