VIDEO: Taras Ivakin 0 : 6 Andrey Karaskin, Tarantino Rock Pub, Kiev, Ukraine │28 April 2013

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Тарас Ивакин – Андрей Караськин (Taras Ivakin vs. Andrey Karaskin)

Published on 28 Apr 2013

28 апреля 2013 года в рокер пабе Тарантинос ( ) был проведен армфайт между многокоратным чемпионом Мира Тарасом Ивакиным (36 лет) и чемпионом Украины Андреем Караськиным (20 лет). Главный спонсор – спортивный клуб “Платинум” ( )

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April 28, 2013 in a pub rocker Tarantinos ( was conducted between armfayt mnogokoratnym world champion Taras Ivakino (36 years) and the Ukrainian champion Andrei Karaskina (20 years). The main sponsor – sport club “Platinum” (

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Taras Ivakin vs. Andrey Karaskin

RESULTS │Taras Ivakin 0 : 6 Andrey Karaskin │RESULTS

Andrey Karaskin - Taras Ivakin, Tarantino Rock Pub, Kiev, Ukraine │28 April 2013
Andrey Karaskin – Taras Ivakin, Tarantino Rock Pub, Kiev, Ukraine │28 April 2013 │ Photo Source: Andrey Karaskin
Andrey Karaskin - Taras Ivakin, Tarantino Rock Pub, Kiev, Ukraine │28 April 2013
Andrey Karaskin – Taras Ivakin, Tarantino Rock Pub, Kiev, Ukraine │28 April 2013 │ Photo Source: Andrey Karaskin



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On April 28, the rocker-pub “Tarantino” in Kiev, with the support of the federation and armsportu sports club “Platinum” took three armfayt-match. Participants: Nicholas Bodnar – Sergey Pankovets (both athletes from Kiev), Andrew Tolbatov (Kharkov) – Dmitry Ionov (Kiev) and the culmination of the evening – the battle between the multiple world champion Taras Ivakin (Kharkov) and the champion of Ukraine this year Andrew Karaskina (Dnepropetrovsk).
Now more about the matches.
In the first fight and met Pankovets Bodnar. In the six-round armfayte athletes fought three rounds on the left and three rounds on his right hand. Sergey Pankovets had an advantage over an opponent – he is 20 pounds heavier Nicholas Bodnar. The entire struggle took place on the hook. And if on the left hand a little athletes competed, then on the right with the total domination won Sergey. The result of the match – 6: 0.
The second pair were Andrei Tolbatov (student Taras Ivakin) and Dmitry Ionov. Dmitry looked very powerful, and it was evident that the superior weight of his opponent. On the whole it was the most exciting meeting in the evening. Athletes long exhibited, each trying to impose their capture and their combat tactics. Detachments were elbows, fighting in bundles. But still dominated by the ions. On the left hand it was impossible to stop, he was like a tank. Dmitri and the right word courage, it was clearly his night. But in the fifth match, after multiple tips Taras Ivakin, his pupil Andrei Tolbatov flick knocked brush and Dmitry Dodavah opponent’s hand to the pillow. In the sixth round was a struggle in bunches, and this time Ionov easily held the opponent and put his hand Andrew. The result – 5: 1 in favor of Dmitry Ionov.
The third and final bout of the evening took place in the fight only on the right hand between the Taras Ivakin and Andrei Karaskina. Intrigue tense, opinions were divided. Many believed that if Taras pass brush Andrew, the victory will be for him. Karaskina looked very impressive – some 107-108 kg of muscle volume in the hands of 51 cm on a cold (in his words). But Taras and it was evident that he is gaining shape. Could only wait for the start of the match. Athletes come to the table … catch … team “Redi Go!” … And a sharp movement in the side Karaskina blows his eminent opponent. The same scenario took place and all the other rounds. Bottom line – 6: 0 to Andrew Karaskina.
Interesting was the so-called “backroom struggle.” Only there Taras Ivakin find the key to Andrew Karaskina as on the right and on the left hand! And at first it came Taras is on the left hand.
I would like to thank the author of this idea armsportivnogo holiday – Vice-President of the federation armsportu Dmitry Kiriliuk for a nice evening in the company of the strongest rukobortsev Kiev and Ukraine. It’s nice that arm sport in Kiev is not in place, and developing.

Rocker Pub Tarantino's Armfights
Rocker Pub Tarantino’s Armfights

Author: Andrei Sharkov

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Other results:

Left Hand │  Nikolay Bodnar 0 : 3 Sergey Pankovets │ Left Hand

Right Hand │  Nikolay Bodnar 0 : 3 Sergey Pankovets │ Right Hand

Left Hand │ Andriy Tolbatov 0 : 3 Dmitry Ionov │ Left Hand

Right Hand │ Andriy Tolbatov 1 : 2 Dmitry Ionov │ Right Hand

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