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The Best Armwrestling Events of 2013 │ Vote all the events you liked in 2013

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Dave Chaffee vs. Denis Cyplenkov +95kg Right Hand │Nemiroff World Cup 2013

Dave Chaffee vs. Denis Cyplenkov +95kg Right Hand Nemiroff World Cup 2013

Vote all the armwrestling events you liked in the 2013 year. You can vote as many as you want, even all the events. The winner will be the armwrestling event which gained the most votes.

If you want to add an armwrestling event to the list, please follow this model: Event Name – Location, Country │ Date

UPDATE: RĪGA OPEN 2013 was removed from the list, because someone from Latvia tried to cheat by adding more votes to the event.

UPDATE 2: RĪGA OPEN 2013 was now re-added to the poll.


Message from : ” About your poll – best competition 2013,and riga open. I dont think there was some cheating, just one armwretler drop in armwrestling latvia page that there is such voiting and said we have to help our tournament and I believe thats what latvian armwrestlers did. Riga open are not by far best tournament. But thats only show how real are results if such polls. Big part of those people have not bean to any of those competition and second part vote patrioticaly. Happy new year.”

I’ve searched, and this is the ARMWRESTLING Latvia facebook group where it was posted.

UPDATE 3: Links to all the events were added, after the poll. If you click a link you will see all the articles about that armwrestling competition / tournament on XSportNews.

UPDATE 4: New additions (by voters) to the poll – 1.  – Orawa, Poland │ 06 July 2013 ; 2. Over the Top 2013 ” Wolfsburg “  – Wolfsburg, Germany | 26 October 2013

UPDATE 5: New addition (by voters) to the poll – 

Bergen Armfight 2013

Friendship Cup Kalmykia 2013