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The transfer between hotels and venue │35th World Armwrestling Championships 2013 (WAF)


World Armwrestling Championships 2013:

” There was a question about transfer between hotels and venue. I can answer right now:

Every competitor will receive maximum 8 coupons for taxi trip between hotel and venue. Taxi will wait at the morning near the hotel and at the evening after finals near the sport hall. Every taxi taking 4 coupons (maximum 4 persons) and going to your hotel.

So you will get maximum 8 coupons to go to the sport hall and to go to the hotels for all days you stay (4 event days).

If you want to go alone, or less than 4 people – you have to give 4 coupons or pay a taxi fee. Taxi fee is 7 PLN for entrance and about 2 – 2,50 pln for 1km. So its about 15-20 pln for 1 trip (5-7usd).

There will be one official taxi company for our event and we suggest to use only them. They will make a special prices for all of you.

There is some taxi cars in Gdynia, where for the same trip you will pay about 50-100 pln (16-33 usd) or more. That’s why I suggest to use official taxi company.

Other trip prices:
hotel Gdynia to Gdansk Old Town – day 60zl. night 80zl…. (20 / 27 usd)
hotel Gdynia to Galeri Baltyckiej – day 50zl. night 70zl…. (16 / 23 usd)
hotel Gdynia to Fashion House (outlet center) – day 80zl. night 110zl…. (27 / 35 usd)
hotel Gdynia to Night Club Bodega – day 25zl. night 35zl… (8 / 12 usd)
hotel Gdynia to Night Club Rozi – day 40zl. night 60zl (13 / 20 usd)

night starts at 10PM and ends at 6AM. Sunday prices are like night prices.
official taxi for this event ”

Source: World Armwrestling Championships 2013

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