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Tim Bresnan and Christian Binnie will go to 11th Nemiroff World Cup 2013

Christian Binnie - Tim Bresnan
Christian Binnie – Tim Bresnan
This poster was made by using these photos: 1. Armpower.NET – Christian Binnie │ 2. Armpower.NET – Tim Bresnan 

CHRISTIAN BINNIE – northeastboard:

” It would be nice if US Pullers had backing of our Govt,like they do in Russia,get subsidized, etc. or fail drug tests and then get a job as a paid instructor in AWing for their Country like Arsen.BUT,it does costs a lot of $ to get to Moscow, etc,etc.

ALSO, IF THE PROMOTER OF A1 was true to his word, by paying for Tim’s and Mine airfare, hotel, and entry fee,WE WOULD’VE BEEN THERE.

LIKE TIM SAID,HE AND I WILL BE IN POLAND. IGOR AND MARCIN R TRUE TO THEIR WORD..Will Denis rip my arm off AGAIN? Lol possibly. So what, it will be a pleasure to pull the Europeans again. look forward to the experience again. “

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