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Travis Bagent vs. Tom Nelson – Supermatch │22 May 2013

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Tom Nelson - Travis Bagent - Pullerville
Tom Nelson – Travis Bagent – PullervilleImage Source: Pullerville – Travis Bagent vs The California Armbenders (See the VIDEO below in this post)

Jonathon Hoffmann – northeastboard:

” In addition to a great practice and teaching from Travis Bagent, there will also be a super match! Tom Nelson will be Challenging Travis Bagent to a super match, both arms best 2 out of 3!

This will be on May 22nd (wednesday) as we have to work around travis’s schedule

I hope all of the local (and semi local) guys and girls can come out and experience this match and an amazing practice.

Call/txt me for more info: 909-358-1177 ”

” Yes there will be footage of this match. Pullerville offered service first bu we may have him and ARMtv depending on work schedules and what not. Point being we will have great footage. ”

” I am checking out what I think will end up being the venue. My new home wont really be ready for the event in time so I will 99% sure be having it at the essex towers next to where I usually have the practices. Very similar type of venue. I am going to check it out today and will post my thought and confirmation on the board a little later. ”

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Travis Bagent vs The California Armbenders

Published on 29 Mar 2012

Travis Bagent Practicing with the California ArmBenders

Source: pullerville

This should be interesting to watch before the Michael Todd vs. Travis Bagent – $50,000 │ World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships, 17 August 2013, Las Vegas

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