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VIDEO: Bodybuilder injures his arm armwrestling. Video 18 + │1 May 2013, Kostanay, Kazakhstan

Interesting fact: In Sweden the armwrestling sport is called Armbrytning.

Armbrytning translated word-for-word means arm breaking: brytning = breaking.

Of course this is used in the figurative sense, it is like saying: armwrestle me and I will break your arm. 🙂

Качок сломал Руку. Армрестлинг. Видео 18+

Source: Mikhail Raimov

UPDATE: It was an unfortunate event, the bodybuilder is now in the hospital, he has a tendon rupture. The arm was not broken.
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John Brzenk about arm breaking and Magnus Samuelsson –

From Mike G.: ” Hello John, I am very impressed with your ability to beat men quickly that are much bigger and seemingly stronger than you. I was wondering what you thought of the armwrestling match in 1995, I believe, at the Worlds Strongest Man preliminary heat. It involved a European armwrestling champion (Magnus Sammuelson) and a powerlifter type Nathan “megaman” Jones. Obviously Jones had no technique and a big ego. He seemed to break his own arm as much as anything. What do you think of Sammuelson’s ability? Have you ever pulled him? “
John Brzenk: ” I’m sorry Mike I haven’t had a chance to see the match your asking about, so I can’t comment on the technique used, or lack of it. But I would agree that injuries are more common with individuals that are strong enough to hurt themselves. In my experience weight lifters or strongmen in general that have developed great power from areas other than armwrestling, can easily pull, or break something before the average Joe would beginning in the sport. That’s why a well conditioned weight lifter should start armwrestling slowly. With a little less intensity then they are probably used to exerting. This will condition their body to this unusual motion. The more time spent on the table, the less chance these injuries will occur. As far as your question about Magnus Sammuelsons ability as an armwrestler, I don’t know. We have never met but my guess would be that with the power and speed he posses it wouldn’t take much to train that strength to work for him on the armwrestling table. “

Magnus Vs Megaman Arm Wrestle

Uploaded on 6 Aug 2006

Magnus takes on Nathan Jones AKA megaman.

This is from his Swedish Power DVD. I got it from Amazon. Don’t think it is there anymore. I don’t want this to get taken down for copywright reasons, as this seems to be happening to my older videos. So yeah… If you like it, go buy it. He talks about his training, nutrition and past events. One of the few “training” DVDs worth money.

Source: cabster21