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Travis Bagent wins the heavyweight class, Allen Fisher wins the Harley-Davidson │U.S. Bar Arm Wrestling Championships – 16 June 2013

World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships - logo
World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships – logo

David Marrocco – northeastboard:

” Travis just called me he said he won easy.
over Dave Chaffee is very impressive.
He said next stop is Michael Todd
Right hand and Left 1st place
Congrats Travis “

Steven Green – northeastboard:

” Nick zinna beat Dave first match. Then deep in a hook with chandler nick tore something. Dave beat Chris and Travis beat Dave. ”

” All money was paid. I lost to Chris twice. ”

” I pulled Chris and lost. Pulled sill next and beat him. Breznk beat Chris and I pulled Chris again and lost. Doug Allen beat sill and lost to Chris and john. Doug looked strong. Chris was a beast and his hook was crazy. But johns hand is too much. “

Allen Fisher won the $40,000 dollar Custom Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle.

** All first place winners of all classes will be given keys to a $40,000 dollar Custom
®Screamin’ Eagle which set of keys start the respective bike**



UPDATE: Photos with the $40,000 dollar Custom Harley-Davidson® Screamin’ Eagle posted by Allen Fisher:

Allen Fisher:

” Okay so the were 9 people who earned keys to this custom Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle and I had keys #2 and #7 I sat on the bike and Kenny Stollmeyer put my key in the ignition and the key turned! It took me about 5 minutes, as everyone around me was trying to tell me I won the bike, acknowledge I was the one who won that Harley Davidson Screamin Eagle!
It hard to believe how God is so good and allowing me borrow such a gift, I’m truly grateful!
Needless to say, I road the bike home to San Diego the next day. Thank to Kenny who gave me a beautiful helmet. The ride hone was so awesome! This baby purred at between 3300 and 3500 RPMs ”

Allen Fisher: “If anyone has pictures of me sitting or standing next to the bike, please get in touch with me.”

SourceAllen Fisher

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