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VIDEO: Alexey Voevoda vs. Neanderthal Woman

I found this video in 2010 while watching videos from ForaTV. It is funny and interesting in the same time, because Peter McAllister knows almost nothing about armwrestling, but he knows something about anthropology, he wrote the book Manthropology.
The interesting thing about this idea is that we can’t prove Peter McAllister is wrong, because we can’t travel back in time 42,000 years to find a Neanderthal Woman, train her for armwrestling, and see if she really could beat Alexey Voevoda. 🙂
This is why I will post this video when I will see more armwrestling questions like: 2006 shape of X vs. 2014 shape of Y ? 🙂

Could a Neanderthal Woman Beat a Champion Arm Wrestler?

Uploaded on 5 Oct 2010

Complete video at:…

Peter McAllister, author of Manthropology, compares the muscular size and strength of modern-day humans with that of Neanderthals. By examining fossil records, he has determined that a Neanderthal woman could exert more force than champion arm wrestler Alexey Voevoda.


Could your husband, brother or father be the worst man in history? University of Queensland-trained anthropologist Peter McAllister claims today’s man isn’t a patch on what he once was: that despite his huge brain, the modern bloke fails to measure up physically, creatively and emotionally with men of the distant past.

Join the author of Manthropology: The Science of the Inadequate Modern Male for some lively debate and discover why ancient men were smarter and stronger, and what the future holds for this once-mighty gender.

The event is presented by the Adelaide-based RiAUS (The Royal Institution of Australia) as part of National Science Week. The moderator is radio broadcaster Amanda Blair. – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Peter McAllister is a science writer and archaeologist from Western Australia. His main research interest is paleoanthropology, and he writes funny and informed science books about what evolution can teach us about the human condition. His popular science book, Manthropology, is currently under development as a documentary series.

McAllister also writes prize-winning sci-fi thrillers like his novel Cosmonaut, which was developed for a major motion picture by Warner Brothers and Village Roadshow. Outside his work as a scientist and writer, McAllister has held jobs as: a journalist, a graphic artist, an advertising salesman for a country music radio station, and once (nearly) as a Chinese-speaking football commentator.

Source: ForaTv

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Alexey Voevoda vs. Neanderthal Woman - Armwrestling │ Capture by XSportNews from the video
Alexey Voevoda vs. Neanderthal Woman – Armwrestling │ Capture by XSportNews from the video