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VIDEO: Dave Chaffee vs Todd Hutchings NAL Columbus, OH 12/8/12

Dave Chaffee vs Todd Hutchings – Final match NAL North American Championship 2012

Source: D Chaffee


Engin Terzi i hope is not injured.. Dave must be a real freak.. beating Todd in hook like that is something very very  hard to be done..

Bob Brown We think he tour his biceps tendon. He is going to Dr tomorrow.

John R Brzenk I would say Dave Chaffee is just that strong !!! he powered through Doug Allen who beat Ron Bath in a hook. Then he powered through Don Underwood who looked very determined and ready … then to do that to Hutchings in a hook. … well ….he is VERY strong to say the least. congrats Dave.

Engin Terzi John R Brzenk in your opinion, does he have any chance against the top 4 guys (Devon,Denis,M.Todd and Pushkar) ? or still early for such attempt?

John R Brzenk I didn’t pull with him. so I can’t say other than what I witnessed. I know …and many others know, how strong Todd is in a hook… and Dave powered threw him without to much hesitation. So I would say YES he has chances….pretty good chances.

Paul Maiden Hi John how is Todds arm do we no any extent of any damage? And please pass on my best wishes

John R Brzenk he gets MRI and see’s doc tomorrow.

Dave Chaffee Wow! Thanks for all the kind words guys. I dont know if I could beat Denis, but when we pulled the first time at the arnold, I had injured my shoulder the day before in the last match with Tim Bresnan. That injury put me out fot a year. I tried to pull Denis the next day but i had nothing. Not that i would have won if i wasnt hurt but it may have been a better match

Johnny Edwards Todd completely detached his bicep tendon.

Source: Armwrestling John – Engin