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VIDEO: Dmitry Trubin, Michael Todd, Devon Larratt, Denis Cyplenkov, Vitaly Laletin, Sasho Andreev, Khadzimurat Zoloev

Dmitry Trubin, Andrey Pushkar, Michael Todd Devon Larratt, Denis Cyplenkov
Dmitry Trubin, Andrey Pushkar, Michael Todd Devon Larratt, Denis Cyplenkov

Many thanks to Vasiliy Kuznetsov for making great armwrestling videos and for sending this one to XSportNews. This video is special because Vasiliy made English subtitles, which should load automatically. I posted the transcript from youtube first, scroll down to watch the video.

0:00 What kind of miracle is Devon Larratt looking for,
0:02 challenging Denis Cyplenkov?
0:05 In my opinion, Cyplenkov is now the strongest in the world.
0:08 I think that Devon has no chance
0:13 What is the secret of the strength of the Bulgarian phenomenon Sacho Andreev?
0:17 I have seen his fights
0:20 and I have a feeling that he knows neither the pain nor the fear.
0:23 And what happened to Dmitry “Optimus Prime” Trubin
0:27 He became bigger.
0:30 And much bigger
0:32 There are so many important issues in the world of arm wrestling,
0:36 and today we are trying to find the answers to all of them.
0:40 That’s why, according to the old good tradition,
0:43 we will go to the club of LETI (Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”),
0:46 where Dzambolat Tsoriev usually trains
0:47 Why do you train shoulders? Do you want to go men’s physique?
0:49 What does it mean, “Why?”, Vasiliy?
0:51 One must be not only with thick arms, but with thick shoulders also!
0:57 But in order to make this episode truly objective,
1:00 we’ll ask a couple of difficult questions our overseas comrades
1:06 Специально для “Железного рейтинга”
1:10 Люблю вас, ребята!
1:16 Advertising information
2:13 Our subscribers ask, how are you doing?
2:15 Everything is cool,
2:17 how are they?
2:20 They’ll see you and then will be all right!
2:23 Really?
2:26 Then you should come here more often. Let them all be OK.
2:30 Here, in LETI, atmosphere is always friendly, but working.
2:34 Everyone does his own thing.
2:38 Everyone is training his main victorious weapon …
3:01 OK, now Dzambolat will warm up a bit and we will start shooting our newscast,
3:07 because when he’s calm, he is very silent.
3:11 And after warm-up, he can speak on any topic.
3:16 Am I right, Dzambolat?
3:17 You bet!
3:19 I told you. I know him well.
3:21 If Dzambolat is ready for talk about anything,
3:25 let’s start our newcast!
3:28 In the 5th place
3:32 we’ll talk about the Siberian truck driver Vitaly Laletin,
3:37 who is currently preparing for the upcoming World Cup in Hungary in September.
3:42 As the “Iron Rating” understood,
3:44 Vitaly prepares in a regular regime:
3:47 he alternates gym’s trainings with outdoor trainings.
3:55 It is ready
3:56 As we know, more often Vitaliy trains in the out-of-doors
4:01 or at the wheel of his truck,
4:02 the more stronger he becomes.
4:04 So, in Hungary, he is able to become 6 times world champion…
4:09 Or maybe not?
4:11 Do you watch his last fight with Sergey Bogoslovov?
4:15 Do you watch this fight?
4:17 Bogoslovo is 90-kg athlete, but he managed to do such things,
4:20 which other heavy-weight athletes didn’t.
4:24 Dzambolat is right,
4:25 Laletin’s talent and trainings, which were enough to impress the world of armwrestling yesterday,
4:30 just couldn’t be enough for today…
4:33 He is able to surprise us.
4:35 And we have seen it at the last Nemiroff championship.
4:38 But if we are talking about world’s top of armwrestling
4:43 in the heavyweight category,
4:44 he must work hard.
4:46 Whether he wants it or not, thinks so or not,
4:49 it does not matter.
4:51 He will have to do it!
4:52 I don’t speak about gaining muscle mass, big biceps etc.
4:57 But he need to increase the strength in the angles.
5:03 For fans of armwrestling this is not enough
5:05 to see Vitaly’s victories just at championships of Europe and world.
5:07 We want fights against
5:08 Michael Todd, Dave Chaffee, Andrey Pushkar
5:12 and Denis Cyplenkov.
5:14 But Vitaly should become stronger and stronger for this.
5:17 And during the process of this necessary upgrade,
5:20 Vitaliy could take a pattern by the hero of our next footage.
5:27 In the 4th plaсe of our rating…
5:31 We try to investigate, what happened to Dmitry Trubin?
5:36 I remember, when Toddzilla saw
5:38 how Dmitry competed at Zloty Tur, he exclaimed:
5:52 It’s interesting, what would say Todd about
5:55 actual shape of Trubin?
5:57 Recently I have seen him at “Iron Rating channel”
6:00 and yes, he is much bigger than before.
6:04 And he became much more bigger.
6:06 Dzambolat is right.
6:08 Weigh scales under Russian Optimus Prime
6:09 shows magnific 138 kg (304 lbs)
6:14 But it seems that Dmitry has not just become much bigger…
6:17 It seems that the Optimus Prime,
6:20 whom we all knew before,
6:21 was made some secret re-flash.
6:25 Hello, my dear friends.
6:27 This video I make special for “Iron Rating channel”.
6:29 Now I prepare to compete
6:32 at Cup of Asia and Worlds championship.
6:35 I train very hard. One of my goal is to gain weight.
6:38 I do basic exercises
6:40 and specific armwrestling exercises.
6:42 I want to make a perfect shape
6:45 Hope, you’ll see the new-look of Optimus Prime,
6:52 cause I’m going to gain weight to 145 kg (319 lbs),
6:56 to dry 5 kg (11 lbs) water weight
6:59 and show 140 kg (308 lbs) at the stage.
7:03 It is time to go to the next level at my competitive career.
7:09 It’s scary to imagine
7:10 what this advanced Autobot, weighing 140 kg,
7:14 is capable of.
7:17 I won’t be wrong
7:19 if I say that everyone discusses Dmitry Trubin now.
7:21 He ignores his haters.
7:28 If he lost, he is like
7:30 “OK, I should go further, train hard.
7:32 I will improve and win next time.”
7:36 He’s cool as a cucumber, keeps his eyes on the prize and does his stuff.
7:40 The most interesting thing here is
7:42 that due to the latest events in WAL,
7:45 there appear many champions,
7:48 who strive for victory and stand in the way of Dmitry!
7:51 And that’s what we discuss next.
7:57 In the 3th place…
8:00 we decided to tell you about Michael “Monster” Todd.
8:03 Recently, his wife Rebecca,
8:06 made a post in her account,
8:07 where he calls out Andrey Pushkar,
8:11 the athlete who owns the championship belt of PAL
8:15 in the heavyweight category.
8:17 But isn’it too ambitious?
8:21 I don’t think that.
8:24 He uses a specific technique
8:27 and will be a strong opponent for anyone else.
8:30 I don’t want to offend Denis Cyplenkov,
8:33 Andrey Pushkar or Dmitry Trubin.
8:38 But Todd will be a strong opponent for any of them.
8:42 He has never been an easy rival.
8:45 But is Todd really so tough?
8:48 Frankly speaking,
8:51 his recent victory in WAL finals left a lot of questions,
8:54 because he was on the brink of defeat in each duel.
8:58 Yes, I was surprised about it, too.
9:00 He fought everyone in the same way,
9:03 but no one tried to fight with him in a different one.
9:05 I have never fought with him,
9:07 so I can’t be sure for 100%.
9:09 I suppose, it is quite hard even to change the fighting style with him.
9:14 He has very specific technique.
9:16 Maybe, I didn’t see everything,
9:18 but I didn’t notice even a try to make it differ.
9:23 He (Todd) did everything he want
9:27 and pressed everyone to achieve the victory.
9:33 But Denis Cyplenkov and Dmitry Trubin showed everyone
9:38 how to deal with Monster.
9:41 The best technique against Todd is to grasp the triceps!
9:46 But Larrat is going to assure us,
9:48 that we underestimate Monster.
9:51 Yes, Michael Todd is the best of all we have to offer.
9:56 You know… Michael Todd is incredibly, incredibly difficult to beat.
10:03 King’s move arm wrestling is advanced arm wrestling, OK?
10:06 You either accept it or get beat by it, OK?
10:11 Michael Todd stops the match, he comes to you with a lot of different angles.
10:19 It is hard to dispute with Devon Larratt,
10:21 but we’re thinking that it is not everything so optimistic in this story…
10:26 Let’s imagine Todd with his technique
10:28 in Russia with our judges and rules.
10:33 Dzambolat, what do you think about Todd’s possible results?
10:36 He won’t get even at top-10.
10:39 Because of very specific style of fighting.
10:42 And we have the same point of view.
10:43 For example, let’s remember
10:45 how Todd competed at the Zloty Tur in Poland.
10:47 But besides all our speaking,
10:52 all of our experts said
10:54 that The Monster would be the winner at the fight with Andrey Pushkar.
10:58 Pushkar can “stick in”.
11:00 He is powerful and he is good at start.
11:06 But Todd showed, that there were a lot of strong sportsmen,
11:11 who were kept down by him
11:13 and then pulled out from almost an unrealistic position.
11:22 I think Andrey is strong.
11:24 Andrey Pushkar is the best blaster in the world,
11:28 I don’t think will be many people who argue that.
11:31 But… Has Andrey’s game progressed enough
11:35 that he can drill Michael every time and if the match does stop,
11:40 can he make adjustments to carry on to the finish, those are big questions.
11:45 And I’m gonna say… Michael Todd for the win.
11:49 However, all we know how ends the fights,
11:53 which Pushkar is predicted to be defeated.
11:56 Such fight is a challenge.
11:58 I bet on Dmitry Trubin when he had a match with Pushkar,
12:03 but Pushkar was prepared so good,
12:05 that Dmitry, despite all his trainings, could not do anything.
12:10 Definitely we can say only one thing:
12:12 it will be really exciting fight.
12:16 But no less than fight “Todd vs Pushkar”,
12:20 we want to see another armfight “Pushkar vs Dmitry Trubin”
12:24 and we want totest Vitaliy Laletin’s abilitities on Monster.
12:28 But our experts assured us
12:31 that there is not only heavyweight arm wrestling.
12:35 They offered a new hero –
12:37 the Bulgarian child prodigy Sasho Andreev…
12:40 But we’ll talk about him a little bit later.
12:42 Now let’s go back to the gym in LETI
12:48 and learn a few secrets of a champion’s training.
12:51 This is probably the most common exercise in arm wrestling.
12:55 All of arm wrestlers perform it.
12:58 So there is no secret.
13:00 This is the exercise on the biceps, but only closer to the fight.
13:04 This is a valued position, in a manner of speaking.
13:27 Most athletes perform this exercise with dumbbells
13:30 or with some other weights.
13:34 Honestly speaking, I’m just too lazy to invent something else –
13:37 it’s much more convenient to do it through the block.
13:50 Are the feelings different?
13:53 No, they are the same.
13:56 Most likely, I do this exercise at the table
13:59 because it was always my first in training.
14:07 And you understand it…
14:08 Yes, I understand this exercise.
14:12 First of all, fingers work when we fight.
14:15 They do not “break” our brush.
14:18 And when we fight at the table, our fingers are weaken firstly.
14:24 If fingers are tightly compressed, then the brush can not be broken.
14:27 But when your fingers are squeezed, you can break everything.
14:30 And in this exercise, the main emphasis is
14:33 on fingers and grip training.
14:35 So does the movement start with the fingertips?
14:36 Yes, most directly.
14:44 Guys from LETI does not invent something you.
14:48 And their trainings are the same as a year or two years ago.
14:56 You can not get a spoon out of your hands.
14:58 What?
14:58 Spoon, I say, you can not get it out of your hands.
15:01 Although … Sometimes there is some new adaptation in their basement.
15:07 Vitaly and I were just discussing
15:09 that the main feature of this exercise is that the pressure goes through the index fingers.
15:13 It depends on how you take the handle here.
15:15 You can turn the handle under the little finger.
15:19 I just tried to do it.
15:20 I remember these exercises from the time
15:24 when I just started to train and it was a long time ago.
15:59 What do you feel?
16:00 Feelings … I feel giddy …
16:04 It’s all right, only I feel giddy.
16:12 This is a useful and very good exercise.
16:14 Do you advise it for all arm wrestlers?
16:16 Yes. And I will do this exercise.
16:19 How effective and useful is this new exercise, the next start will show.
16:25 And we return to the finalists of our rating.
16:30 In the 2nd place …
16:34 we will tell you about the highly anticipated fight in light heavyweight.
16:39 This is the time for, I would say, is a significant fight
16:43 between two powerful “hookers” –
16:45 Khadzhimurat Zoloyev and
16:47 the crazier Sacho Andreev from Bulgaria.
16:53 Khadzhimurat Zoloev does not need a presentation.
16:56 This Ossetian arm wrestler has long been
16:58 in the topof the strongest middleweights of the planet
17:01 and he is one of the main offenders of heavyweights.
17:05 But in his hobby to win big guys,
17:08 now he has a serious competitor –
17:11 the Bulgarian athlete Sasho Andreev.
17:14 But why is he unique?
17:16 I have seen recently how he fights …
17:18 There is the impression that Sacho knows neither pain nor fear.
17:21 Devon Larratt described this guy at his Facebook .
17:25 by just one word – “killer”
17:28 Sacho Andreev truly break into world of arm wrestling in 2014,
17:32 when he was 18 years old and
17:34 he won the youth championship of the world at first,
17:37 and then he picked to pieces the adult categories.
17:41 In 2014 I saw him either at the World Championships,
17:44 or at the European Championships.
17:45 He is very strong by nature. Genetically gifted guy.
17:48 When I fight with hook, I feel pain everytime here and there.
17:52 And Sacho looks like he has no pain threshold,
17:57 or he has very strong naturally ligaments.
18:00 It seems to me that he did not even train his ligaments to become so strong.
18:05 What else can we tell about him?
18:08 In addition to being young and strong, he loves motorcycles!
18:11 Information about Sacho on the Internet is not enough.
18:13 But we know the main thing about him:
18:15 Sacho, without hesitation for the titles of rivals and the difference in weight,
18:20 confidently defeats the strongest arm wrestlers of the planet.
18:23 Eugene Prudnik was able to force his style to Sasho,
18:27 “knocked out” his brush and took a good position.
18:32 However, all of this did not help him to bring the match to a victorious result.
18:37 Sacho endured all, usually does, and quietly defeated Eugene.
18:44 And I’m not afraid of this word,
18:46 Eugene is one of the strongest hooker of the planet.
18:51 At the same championship,
18:53 where Sacho defeated Prudnik,
18:54 Khadzhimurat Zoloev competed too.
18:56 Hadzhimurat fought at that European Championship
18:59 in the weight category of 85 kilograms.
19:01 He did not meet with Sacho for fight.
19:03 Now is the moment, when this fight will be interesting to see.
19:08 Do I need to tell who would I bet on?
19:10 And what will be the result of this fight?
19:15 With all due respect to Hadzhimurat…
19:19 Sacho stops at nothing recently…
19:22 Probably, if there is a draw,
19:26 it will be a strong-willed draw from Khadzhimurat.
19:30 Still, I prefer Sacho Andreev.
19:34 But speaking of the Bulgarian phenomenom,
19:36 we want to hope that his irrepressible desire to win,
19:41 considering his very dangerous competition style,
19:43 will not lead to serious injury.
19:46 Especially regarding to his love
19:48 to fight with heavyweights
19:50 I am bad as analyst,
19:52 but I think he will come up to some level
19:57 and then it will play a cruel joke with him.
19:59 He should stay in his weight category.
20:01 Most likely this is the weight category from 80 to 90 kg.
20:03 And he must fight at this category and doesn’t go anywhere.
20:06 Although, he can once a year, just for fun,
20:08 compete in overall category.
20:10 But he does not need to change the category every year,
20:12 as he does now.
20:13 It can play a cruel joke with him.
20:17 My words are confirmed by a large number of athletes with similar stories.
20:21 We came to the first place,
20:25 which Devon Larratt and Denis Сyplenkov
20:26 confidently divided between each other.
20:29 A possible armfight between them is discussed on both sides of the ocean.
20:34 First of all, I can say that it will be interesting.
20:37 If this happens, it will be the event of the year.
20:42 Despite Larratt’s recent victory in the WAL League final,
20:46 most experts are confident
20:48 that if Denis is in good shape, he will win.
20:53 I do not know what condition Denis is in now.
20:55 I saw only Devon and he weighed 100 kilograms.
20:59 And if Denis is in good physical shape, then,
21:04 I think, Devon has no chance.
21:06 In my opinion, Сyplenkov has no equal in fight.
21:11 He can get tired, his hands can burst with lactic acid …
21:14 But in his optimal form, he is now the strongest in the world.
21:20 It is hardly possible today to find the man stronger than Denis Cyplenkov.
21:26 Just think about his record in a pure biceps curl
21:29 with 113 kilograms.
21:31 But on the other hand, endurance and technique are
21:34 on the side of Larratt.
21:35 If Larratt is now in good shape, Denis will have problems.
21:39 Denis should prepare seriously for this fight.
21:43 And do not let Larratt do a toproll.
21:48 Here appears an interesting question,
21:51 what is more important in the arm —
21:53 technique or strength?
21:55 Only strength.
21:56 If you train correctly and do exercises
22:00 which help to improve the quality of the fight,
22:03 then only the strength will secure a victory.
22:04 Because technique depends on only your strength.
22:07 But in this case,
22:08 we are confident of the victory of the Russian arm wrestler.
22:12 Although it’s a bit tricky, and makes us to worry about Denis.
22:18 Unlike Larratt, he rarely competes
22:22 and it can play a cruel joke with him.
22:26 For example, when Denis fought against Michael Todd,
22:28 it was noticeable
22:29 that excessive excitement almost deprived Denis of victory.
22:32 You mean that Denis needs to warm up
22:35 before this fight a weaker opponent.
22:37 But who then? Of course, it sounds like a good idea.
22:42 But who?
22:47 I just do not see whom to fight him. Pushkar?
22:53 But fighting with Andrew is a difficult task.
22:56 I would even say that this is even a more difficult task.
22:59 If I were his coach and knew his strengths…
23:03 For me, the athlete’s degree of preparation is his strengths.
23:07 Numbers, not self-awareness.
23:13 And if I knew that he was in his optimal shape,
23:18 I could say that he should immediately agree to a fight against Larratt.
23:20 Everything is clear with Denis.
23:24 But what can the Canadian arm wrestler put against the Russian Hulk?
23:28 Still, Devon Larratt weighs 100 kilograms
23:30 against Denis Tsyplenkov’s 140 kilograms
23:32 and it does not look very intimidating.
23:35 I’ll say it again, I’m already huge, OK.
23:38 I am 230 pounds (104 kg) of pure arm wrestler, OK?
23:46 So, I mean, I was 235 when I pulled Pushkar.
23:50 I don’t know if I have to be much heavier, I just have to be healthfully.
23:53 And my right arm right now is 100% healthfully.
23:59 Surgery was like 4 years ago, I went through the whole process of rebuilding.
24:04 My right arm is as strong as it ever been. So…
24:09 So, I’m ready. I’m ready.
24:11 I’m ready to pull, I’m ready to win.
24:15 I am ready to reclaim my spot in the open world of arm wrestling
24:23 I see that Devon is extremely interested.
24:26 He really turns on the heat.
24:28 And he gets a great deal of pleasure from it.
24:30 And he is obsessed with himself.
24:32 It’s cool when the man is confident in himself so much!
24:37 Because there is a saying
24:39 “miracles happen where they are believed the most”
24:42 As we see, Larratt is very serious
24:45 and 200% confident in his abilities.
24:48 Now it remains to understand
24:49 how our Denis is ready for this fight.
24:52 So, I don’t know exactly, how Denis is doing whether his health.
24:57 I don’t know how ready he is but when he…
25:02 Denis, when you get your stuff, let’s do it!
25:06 Let’s do this.
25:09 Let’s have this match that we both been waiting for about 6 years.
25:13 Let’s figure out. Let’s figure out, who the stronger arm wrestler is.
25:21 Cause I’m pretty sure… I’m pretty sure it’s me.
25:27 As you can see,
25:29 there are a lot of excellent fights in the nearest future,
25:31 some of which can take place very soon,
25:35 at the World Championships WAF in September in Hungary
25:38 and the international tournament Zloty Tur in November in Poland.
25:42 By the way, maybe,
25:43 we will watch the show “Vendetta All Stars” as part of the Zloty tur.
25:47 And on that intriguing note we are finishing our newscast.
25:51 Do not forget to share this video with your friends!
25:55 And we say goodbye to you! See you next time!

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