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VIDEO, INTERVIEW: Viktoria Ilyushina about Giant Killing 3 │ by IronWorld

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Victoria Ilyushina armrestling Japan 2013

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Original – │ Google Translate: December 30, 2013 in Tokyo (Japan) was quite unusual, but traditional international tournament arm wrestling Giant Killing 3. Participation of women in it took 32 athlete, the best of the best representatives of different sports. The fight was on the Olympic system, to one defeat. Unified Sports participants form was not fought for each table is what stands in his sport. Was also carried out and the fight for women. It was attended by seven-time European champion and world champion odinnadtsatikratny armsportu of Ukraine Viktor Ilyushin and multiple world champion, three-time Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling, a spokeswoman Saori Yoshida of Japan. The winner in this game was the Ukrainian armsportsmenka. We never doubted the victory Victoria and returning her home decided to interview her. IRON WORLD: Who invited you to participate in the tournament? Did you difficult to deal with non-professionals? Viktoria Ilyushina: Invited representatives TV Tokyo “Fuji TV” to deal with the Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Saori Yoshida. She also fights in the weight category 55 kg. Saori – a high-level athlete, physically prepared, in Japan, it is one of the most decorated athletes, but it lacked the technical training. Perhaps until the match organizers did not anticipate the outcome of the struggle. I reacted to the fight seriously, and during the struggle completely controlled the match. JM: What are your impressions about the tournament? VI: In all the TV shows a little differently than the official European and world championships. There’s the main thing – a spectacular setting and level itself athlete than technicalities struggle. Men, too, were not professionals Armwrestling nevertheless looked all bright and interesting. During access to armstolu about each participant showed video of a threaded top moments from their careers. Podium with armstolom resembled a boxing ring, but without ropes. Our athletes to fight came down the hall to the music, like boxers. I loved this grand, festive and sporty atmosphere. JM: I saw interesting athletes in competition? VI: Good fought Bob Sapp, a member of fighting without rules, he was the first among men, winning the final of the famous English strongman Terry Hollands. Very glad that met with the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, he’s a nice quiet man, his daughter, too, only three. JM: You’ve been in Japan for the first time? Did you like the country and why? VI: In Japan was the second time, the first time – at the World Championships in 2005. Like Japanese culture, all very nice and polite, hospitable people. Loved the “Disneyland” in Tokyo, however, did not happen now to get there due to lack of time, because the shooting took place all day. JM: What are your plans as an athlete for the near future? VI: Plans Standard: participation in the championship of Ukraine, Europe and the world. JM: Do you see the development of women armsportu in the world? VI: Development of Women armsportu, of course, I see. By the way, never made ​​a division between male and female sports. Globally armsportu many high-level athletes, and most importantly – a stable of speakers over the years, with the growing physically at themselves. Author: Andrei Sharkov

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Fedor Emelianenko - Viktoria Ilyushina,  Giant Killing 3 │ Photo Source: Viktoria Ilyushina [edited by]
Fedor Emelianenko – Viktoria Ilyushina,  Giant Killing 3 │ Photo Source: Viktoria Ilyushina [edited by]

See also ► VIDEOS: Fedor Emelianenko, Bob Sapp, Terry Hollands, Hakuhō Sho – Armwrestling │ 30 December 2013, “GIANT KILLING 3″

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