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VIDEO: Jozsef Lovei – 70 kg with one hand

Don’t forget to press the HD button ^^^ ◄◄◄

Source: Jozsef Lovei

Sebastien Porcar ► Armwrestling John – Engin

” Ready for Vegas
Jozsef lovei biceps curl 70 kg
Long bar fat grip @ 75 kg bodyweight !!
AWSOME !!!!!!

Wath is incrédible , is That jozsef did 2h biceps and pull up training tuesday and thursday after beguining table sparing hé decided to try 70 kg…… Then it is not à max …!!!! I would like to see with one week off , How much hé CAN lift !!!!!!
One Time i thought That i could lift like him but now it looks like to be impossible !!! “

Engin Terzi ► Armwrestling John – Engin

” i am sure it is something that i could not do but IMO its not good for armwrestling..

you can train thick handle bar training in many different ways, you dont esspecially need such training.

but its good to balance such long bar with one hand..thick bar helps as well..but the arm angle is not correct for the best shoulder-hand coordination..

when you lower the bar to make your forearm parellel position with floor your shoulder needs to be at some where to create 90 degree angle.. to feel the maximum weight of the bar your forearm needs to be parellel with floor..higher is lesser.. ”

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